NEW Urban Fantasy!

Hello everyone!

Fifth Sun is officially under way! I’m about 75% finished writing book one and I seriously cannot wait to share this new series with you beginning with the very first book.

If you’ve visited my website lately, you’ll already know the title of book 1: Revenge de los Muertos (Revenge of the Dead). Mixing English and Spanish can be a risky move because it might put off English-only readers and it’s also generally frowned upon by native-born Spanish speakers (though in this case my mom decided she likes the idea haha), but I really want to feature the fact that though it’s written primarily in English by an author born in America, the stories and settings will celebrate Mexico and Mexican culture. I mean, I think the mixed title idea is fun (maybe because I too am mixed haha) and hopefully others will agree! Don’t panic if you don’t know Spanish or Nahuatl. I’ll put the English translations for the titles in the descriptions/back cover and translations for some terms used in the books on my website’s Pronunciation Guides page. PLUS this way you’ll learn some new words! Woo-hoo!

This modern day urban fantasy series will take a twist on Aztec lore (with a heavy dose of creative license haha) and have the on-going plot lines of Selah’s mysterious background, Rafi’s duty vs freedom, and also of Rafi and Selah’s inevitable romance, along with shorter plot lines that last just for the length of one book as a new foe rises up and they have to rally together to defeat them (If you’ve read the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, The Guild Codex series by Annette Marie, or other series like those ones then you’ll have an idea of what I mean). I really can’t wait for you to meet Selah, Rafi, all of their friends, this magical world hidden within our own familiar one, and also to learn a bit about Mexico (especially the yummy food haha. Did I mention I will be including recipes in the backs of the paperback editions?).

I was going to try and write all of the books and then do a rapid release/release one book a month, but unforeseen complications in life arose and, well, these books should’ve been almost finished by now and uh they aren’t. I’m really trying hard to get it done and I have had the entire series plotted out for over a year which helps, but even if I can make book 1 a late Fall 2021 release, the others might be spread out a bit more than I’d originally intended BUT not anything like a year between releases so that should still be good news, right?

I know this is a long update but with all of my other series all wrapped up I want you to know that I’m not done with writing! I have this new urban fantasy series, a sci-fi/fairytale standalone, and a historical vampire duology outlined and waiting for me to hurry up! I promise I’m trying!

Thank you all for sticking with me, reading my books, following my accounts on social media, leaving reviews, and overall cheering me on. You’re truly amazing. ❤

Revenge de los Muertos

REVENGE DE LOS MUERTOS, the first book in the Fifth Sun saga, kicks off this urban fantasy thrill when Selah decides to take a trip to Mexico with her best friend and finds herself surrounded by monsters, magic, destiny, and a Blood King with eyes that pierce her soul. Once orphaned and alone, she’ll discover a hidden empire battling to answer her call.

(Note: The image and blurb are not the official cover or description. You’ll have to wait a bit longer for those!)

Keep an eye on your inbox and my social media accounts for more updates on Fifth Sun! Come October I plan to be sharing the official cover for Revenge de los Muertos plus the official back cover description, along with both my Spotify playlist AND Pinterest board for the series. I’d also like to arrange a blog tour so if you’re a book blogger then keep an eye out for that too. I’m working hard to get this series finished so that I can share each book with you as soon as I can, but I’d rather be slow and deliver something you love than rush and botch it all up. I hope you’re as excited as I am no matter the wait!

Stay tuned…

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