Pronunciation Guides

Some words and names I use in my books may seem unfamiliar to you and though I love learning new words whether fictional or real, as a reader I get so frustrated when I cannot figure out how to pronounce something so I’ve added a few here to help you out and let me know if there are any others you’d like explained/added to the list!

Fifth Sun

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Cassandra “Feuer” Bocklin: kah-SAN-drah “FOH-ye(r)” Bur-KLEEN
Geoffrey “Eisen” Martinez/Verdandi: JOF-ree “EYE-sen” Vehr-DAHN-dee
Adrianna “Leitfaden” Dietrich/Verdandi: Ah-dree-AH-nah “LEET-fah-den” Vehr-DAHN-dee
Sarai Morrigan: Sah-RYE MOH-ree-gahn
Abel: AY-behl
Xià: SH(y)AH
Seamus: SHAY-muhs


Adhan: Ah-HAN
Ailill: ael-EEL
Aztlan: Az-TLAN
Circ de Apa: SERK deh AH-pah
Jardín: Har-DEEN
Llyr: LEER
Mordréda: Mor-DREH-dah
Oneiroi: AW-nee-ree
Quidel: Kee-DEL
Silvanus: Sil-VAH-noos


Ahktun: Ak-TOON; “Attention”
Alvidar: Al-vee-DAR; “Goodbye”
Belisama: Bel-EE-sah-mah; “Beautiful”
Bihana: Bee-HAH-nah; “Morning”
Bon: “Good”
Chavi: CHAH-vee; “Child”
Cosechapan: Koh-SEH-chah-pahn; A type of Aztlanean sweet bread made during the Rujan Festival
Figo/Figotu: FEE-goh/FEE-goh-too; Oneiroian swearword used as a vague exclamation of frustration
Indit: EEN-dit; “Go”
Intermezzi: een-tehr-MEH-tzee; “Intermission:
Irrumabotu: eer-room-ah-BOH-too; A highly offensive insult
Ja: “Yes”
Jourdie: JOR-dee; Citizens of Oneiroi
Noche: NOH-cheh; “Night”
Nothus: “Bastard”
Nyet: “No”
Porfabór: Por-fah-BOHR; “Please”
Queentia: KWEEN-shee-ah; An Oneiroian card game involving a pair of dice and a set of beaded wooden counters used to keep score as well as manipulate each hand’s outcome
Rom Baro: “Boss/Leader”
Slahncha: SLAHN-chah; “Cheers”
Spaseeba: Spah-SEE-bah; “Thank you”
Suverenye/a: Soo-veh-REN-yeh/-yah; “Sovereign/Highness”
Tseloti ina tinikaree: (T)seh-LOH-tee een-ah tee-nee-KAH-ree; “Prayer and strength”
Weepy: Guests of Oneiroi
Whisper: Guardians of Oneiroi