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FIFTH SUN: An all-new Aztec-inspired urban fantasy series with telenovela vibes filled with magic, monsters, and mystery.

BATTLE DEL ESPÍRITU, the third book in the Fifth Sun saga, has turned Selah and Rafael into rivals until a new threat enters the city that will force them to choose a side that just may determine their end.

~Coming March 02, 2022~


FIFTH SUN, book 2 (January 6th)
FIFTH SUN, book 3 (March 2nd)
FIFTH SUN, book 4 (May 5th)
FIFTH SUN, book 5 (June 7th)(Backup Date: July 4th)


Sci-Fi Fairytale Retelling (standalone)
Historical Paranormal (standalone)
Historical Paranormal (companion novel)
Short Story Anthology

*Release dates are subject to change