Newsletter | August 2021

Hello everyone!

I know you’ve been hearing from me a lot this summer, but I just couldn’t resist popping into your inbox to say a quick hello and remind you of my latest releases and events! The Walking Shadows series has officially wrapped! Initus was released in July and as a bonus follow up Plura was released at the beginning of August. I hope you have enjoyed the wild ride that this dystopian series has taken me on! I already have something new I’m working on, but I’ll save that and other updates for below. August was a busy month, but come September there won’t be much else going on for me other than lots and lots of writing!

Walking Shadows

The Walking Shadows series has come to a close. Can you believe it?? This has been such a fun project to work on and I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading these books even half as much as I’ve enjoyed crafting them. Initus, the series finale, is available for purchase on Amazon and you can also add it to your Goodreads.

If you’re a fan of this dystopian series and are looking for more, you can dive into Dust to Dust, a romantic companion novella to Alarum, as well as my latest release, Plura, which includes a brand new novella called Dawn to Dusk plus five short stories! You can buy your copy on Amazon and add it to Goodreads!

Please don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads! Your recommendation makes a world of difference and means so much to me! Thank you!

Fifth Sun

Over a year ago, I started planning my next series which I’ve named Fifth Sun and will be an Aztec-inspired urban fantasy! I am so SO excited to dive into this series, drawing on my own Mexican roots to do so. I’m admittedly taking lots of artistic liberties (lol) to weave together Aztec lore, my own twist on vampires, werewolves, sirens, magic, and more, plus just because I love food I will be working with my mom to include a recipe for a Mexican dish at the back of each book. This series (as things stand currently) will be five fully connected books, meaning it will follow the same group of characters from start to finish (like a traditional series – e.g. Mercy Thompson – not like my quirky Walking Shadows series). There’s going to be romance, magic, monsters, and more! I’m going to try very, very hard to have the first book published this fall, so keep an eye on your inbox and my social media to stay updated!

Coming Fall 2021*

*I’m really truly aiming for a 2021 release, but there is a chance life will throw out another stumbling block and it won’t release until next year. I’m going to work very hard so that this won’t happen though!

MoTownCon 2021

Massive thank you to everyone able to swing by the first ever MoTownCon! This N.C. ComicCon was such a blast and I had a fantastic time getting to meet you, sign books, and simply chat about characters, books, and life. This was such a fun event and I hope I get to do more events in the future if only so I can meet more of you!

Thank you to the Mooresville Public Library for organizing this event and for inviting me to be a part of it!

(Upcoming Event: The library will be hosting its annual Local Author Showcase later this year – date TBD)


I love love love seeing my characters being brought to life by artists around the world and I am beyond ecstatic to share that more art has been created and you can check it out now on my website’s art page or on my social media! Art for both the Walking Shadows series and the Otherworld series has been added! Massive thank you to Katja (@katjazart) and Laura (@lasq.draws) for creating these incredible pieces!

If you or someone you know ever decides to bring any of my books or characters to life via art, cosplay, etc., please tag me so that I can see it! And I’d love to add it to my art page as well so others can celebrate your talents.

Well that’s about it for the month of August. Lots of writing going on over here and not much else, but I’m sure you’re glad to hear that!

Stay tuned…

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