NEW! Walking Shadows Short Stories!

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It’s been about a month since Initus was released and the Walking Shadows series came to a close. However, as promised, there is more! Today is the day! Plura, a collection of stories from the world of Walking Shadows including the long awaited novella about Connors, is officially out! I really enjoyed getting to spend a bit more time in this world and with these characters and I hope that you enjoy reading these stories!

**Reminder that these novellas and short stories are all meant to be read in addition to the series and not as standalones. Sort of like the extra/cut scenes in the ‘Bonus Features’ section of a DVD or like an Extended Edition of a movie lol.

Plura: Stories from the world of Walking Shadows
(Walking Shadows #0.5, #1.6, #2.5, #3.5, #4.5, #5.5)
Talis Jones
Dystopian Fiction
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A collection of all-new stories from the world of Walking Shadows…

Dawn to Dusk | Connors’ world has fallen apart. Once a wealthy lawyer on the rise, he’s now reduced to learning the art of the gun as he faces the wild road in search of his missing family.

“But a Dream” | An alternate ending to Alarum, the first book in the Walking Shadows series.

“Taming of the Tiger” | Mara has lost her eye, her family, and too much else. A feared warrior, some call her crazy behind her back, but she’s comfortable being alone. That is, until a red-haired stranger threatens to steal the one thing she has left: her heart.

“Freckles and the Devil” | Maddy has been forced into service as Agent Paladin and without her makeshift family, she has nothing else to fight for. Until a long-lost ally sets her free and the chance to love rises once again.

“Never Forgotten” | Maverick served a toppled regime and now he faces the challenges of leading a rising one. When he isn’t occupied with holding a people together, he wonders about his lost sister and certainly doesn’t expect her to be headed his way.

“Into the Sunset” | Where is everyone now? Enjoy a reunion of characters new and old set a few years after Initus, the last book in the Walking Shadows series.

As of today, the entire Walking Shadows collection is published and available for you to purchase and read! Thank you so so much for being such wonderful and supportive readers! You all are absolutely fantastic and help give me the energy to keep writing! I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have. Alas, as a writer it is time to say goodbye, but don’t feel too sad because I’ve been hard at work writing my next series!! Fifth Sun is currently slated to be a five-book urban fantasy series set in Mexico and filled with magic, monsters, romance, adventure, and more! I seriously cannot wait to introduce you!!

Stay tuned…

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