New Year, Future Worlds

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Happy New Year!! I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays! To kick off this new year, I’ve got a virtual book fair for you. The theme is “New Year, Future Worlds” and it’s packed with sci-fi, dystopian, and more including my own book Alarum. There will be many authors and books to discover so be sure to scroll through this post, click the link, and browse for your next read! (And if you’d really like to help me out, search for my book in the fair and click on its link to help give it a boost!)

*This book fair runs from January 1st – 31st

Walking Shadows #1
YA Dystopian Fiction


I fled as they destroyed my home.
I watched as they murdered my family.
I stood silent as they stole my name and threw my life in chains.

I stare coldly at my fading reflection with only one question to ask:
Them or Me?

Set in a future where the United States has fallen, a girl is ripped from her home as a child and forced to endure the harshness around her or else surrender to the dust of bones she treads on. Her life becomes simple: kill or be killed. What she didn’t count on was the heavy cost this world would drain from her soul. When she crosses paths with a curious stranger who offers to show her a place without a map, they head across the crumbling land in search of the fabled Sanctuary. Neither enemies nor elements that rip her hair and claw at her heels can stand in the way of her will to survive.

They say demons lurk in the shadows, but here they strut boldly under the angry sun.

Thank you to everyone who chose one of my books either as a gift for yourself or for someone you thought might enjoy it! Books are a tough business but you all help keep me going and I truly deeply appreciate it. If you’re looking for a way to help support your favorite authors without breaking the bank, seemingly simple things such as clicking the links in this post, sharing about your favorite books in person, online, at bookstores, etc., leaving book reviews online, and engaging with authors on their social media accounts are all easy but seriously great ways to help us authors out! It might not feel significant to you, but I assure you it means so much to us!

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