Newsletter | February 2023

Hello everyone!

The winter season is packed full of holidays (which I think is a good way to keep up spirits during the coldest and darkest months) and I hope you’ve managed to find some space in there to relax with a good book! My own winter/holiday season was busy busy busy but also filled with food, family, and lots of good books to read (I finished Naomi Novik’s The Scholomance series! Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a fascinating, darker version of Hogwarts where the main character is at a crossroads between villain and hero).

By the way, thank you for subscribing to this blog-style newsletter as it really is the best way to get all of the important book updates and I also have fun putting it together for you. February has a few fun things happening that I’d like to share with you including an update on The Faraway Chronicles!

Audiobook Fair!

Browse this virtual book fair for all sorts of audiobooks that fall under the fantasy umbrella! You’ll find Revenge de los Muertos on the list amongst several other fantastic reads!

Fair runs through the month of February!

PNR & UF Fair!

Browse this virtual book fair filled with books in the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres! You’ll find Revenge de los Muertos on the list next to loads of other recommended reads!

Fair runs through the month of February!

Audiobook: Fifth Sun #2

The Fifth Sun series continues…as audiobooks! You didn’t really think I would stop at just the first book, did you? I couldn’t do that to my audiobook listeners! My goal this year is to have the entire series produced as audiobooks with my talented narrators Nichole James & Pablo Azar. Hunt de las Brujas is currently in production and I can’t wait until it releases!

Listen to Revenge de los Muertos (Fifth Sun #1) here!

Audiobook: Alarum

While I decided to start with the Fifth Sun series when it comes to audiobooks, I simply couldn’t resist having Alarum made as well especially once I met narrator Paige Reisenfeld and heard her voice. So while the Walking Shadows series isn’t currently set as an ongoing production, Alarum will be releasing this year. In fact, Paige has already begun her stage of the process! She’s currently working on recording each chapter (and will even be singing the lyrics including Riker’s song to Fury which I hired a composer to help with) then will turn it over to the audio engineering team. I’ll keep you updated!

Dawn to Dusk

Connors’ novella is included in the collection of Walking Shadows stories titled Plura, however it is now also available as a standalone read! Available as both an ebook and a paperback, Dawn to Dusk can now be added to your library alongside the novella Dust to Dust to complete the Alarum collection! I’d love to one day put together a special edition hardback that will include all three titles: Dawn to Dusk, Alarum, and Dust to Dust. What do you think?

Buy a copy of Dawn to Dusk!

Add Dawn to Dusk to your Goodreads!

The Faraway Chronicles Update

I’m working my way through the second of the three novellas in this YA sci-fi fairytale trilogy and cannot wait to finish it up and dive right into the third! It’s all been planned out from the beginning so there’s no need to wait for plotting, I just need to sit down and write (which is easier said than done now that I’ve taken up a new job, but I’m determined to summon the energy somehow and see this through to the end!).

It’s been quite fun exploring yet another genre (although I’ve been requested a spin-off series for Fifth Sun. Two in fact, one following Alejandro and one following Noa. What do you think?), refreshing and challenging and, well, fun! Writing shorter projects has also really helped me recover from my burn-out after rapidly writing, publishing, and marketing my Fifth Sun series. I read different genres so naturally I’ve ended up writing in different genres, but I’m always keeping an ear out for what my readers enjoy best and I would be most willing to return to that world/genre and explore it more. As always, just let me know!

That’s it for now! Hopefully you’ll find some great new stories browsing those book fairs and I can’t wait to finally have The Faraway Chronicles completed and ready for you to read!

Stay tuned…

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