Walking Shadows | Series Recap

Hello everyone!

The time is nearing for the release of Initus, the fifth and final book in the Walking Shadows series! Some of you may have the time to re-read the first four books, some of you may not need to because your memory is like a steel trap. For those of you who need just a lil refresher, but may not have the time to re-read each book, I’ve put together a brief recap (with memes!) of the series thus far to help jog your memory a bit along with a teeny tiny glimpse into Initus.


Oh, and don’t forget to add Initus to your Goodreads and you can pre-order Initus on Amazon Kindle (paperback edition will be available on July 4th)!



  • Who? Sofia Ramsey aka Flinch aka Vizsla aka Kid aka Fury
  • Where? Southern Coalition, Pacific Confederation, & Rochester Alliance
  • What? Chaos of unknown origins unleashed, people die, Sofia is captured and given the name Flinch, she’s taken to work for Hans’ family and they name her Vizsla, Connors finds her and takes her away and becomes a father-figure, she goes by no name though Connors calls her “kid” until she decides on a new one, more people die, she chooses the name Fury, Riker and Fury cross paths/are reunited and fall in love, they rescue Alpha from the Rochester Alliance/Dr. Xi whom Fury re-names Bones, they ride for Sanctuary, more people die. The end.



  • Who? ALPHA77129 aka Bones
  • Where? Southern Coalition
  • What? Bones has grown up and works as a doctor at the clinic in Sanctuary as well as an Agent of Sanctuary, Tori sends him on a retrieval mission, things go wrong, people die, Bones deserts Sanctuary, almost dies, is captured by the Cai Clan, he charms his way into their hearts and saves their lives many a time and also uncovers a betrayal within the Clan, he and Mara become close as siblings, he and Ali fall in love, he and Dez become best friends, he adopts Dollar after her father dies, then he’s forced to return to Sanctuary by Maddy.



  • Who? Madeleine Sinclaire aka 143 aka Maddy
  • Where? Rochester Alliance
  • What? Maddy and The Chosen Twelve escape the Pacific Confederation with Dahlia/42’s help and cross the Southern Coalition, people die, Maddy reaches the Rochester Alliance, she’s taken in by the Rolling Bones, they train her to defend herself and also give her some skills for illegal use, Maddy loves Yosef but then meets charming Charlie, Yosef loves Maddy, the Rolling Bones plan a Christmas Eve heist, people die, Yosef betrays Maddy, Charlie betrays Maddy, Maddy is upset about a whole lot of things at once, Charlie and Yosef make amends with Maddy, Maddy and Yosef become an item, Sanctuary comes to collect Maddy, people die, Ares rescues Maddy again.



  • Who? Dahlia Hatfield aka 42 aka Ares, Head Inspector Maverick Sinclaire, & Thaniel Hawthorne
  • Where? Pacific Confederation
  • What? Dahlia was taken into a testing facility and named 42 before she broke out and took up the name Ares and trained to become an elite assassin focused on revenge, Ares teams up with Bones and Maddy/Sanctuary to help lead a revolution, Ares rescues Thaniel from arrest/execution, Head Inspector and Ares play “cat and mouse”, Ares pushes Thaniel to his breaking point, the Pacific Confederation tries to control the unrest and chaos unleashed by Ares, people die, rebels rebel, vengeance is taken, the Confederation has fallen and is now called Aresia led by ex-Head Inspector Sinclaire.



  • Who? Morgan Travers
  • Where? Rochester Alliance & Southern Coalition
  • What? Read Initus to find out! There are evil scientists, conspiracies, reunions, and everything comes full circle!

Add Initus to your Goodreads

Pre-order Initus on Amazon Kindle (paperback edition will be available on July 4th)

I know that was brief, but I hope it helped a bit! I am so excited to finally unveil the final book in the story to you and hope you enjoy it. Not much longer now to wait! Don’t forget to keep an eye on my social medias for more teasers, etc. as we count down the days until Initus is released on July 4th!

Stay tuned…

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