Initus is OUT NOW!!!

Hello everyone!

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Initus (Walking Shadows, book 5) is OUT NOW! The final book in the Walking Shadows series is officially available for you to read! This book has several character cameos, it visits familiar places, but it also tackles its own story introducing you to new characters, new settings, and new challenges. Initus is not only the end of the series, but it is also the beginning. At long last you get to glimpse what sent Fury and her family on the run all of those years ago, how Bones came to be, what Maddy has been up to, and the wake of the revolution Ares left behind. On top of all that, you’ll meet Morgan who strings it all together into the present with an opportunity to change everything once more.

I will go ahead and say that when you read this book you might be tempted to wonder “Hmm…was she perhaps inspired by recent events?” and the answer is “No.” haha. I plan out my series in advance and although my characters do enjoy going rogue, the spine of the plot remains the same. But boy did I laugh when I pulled out my notes before diving in to write Initus because of the unforeseen timing of it all.

Okay enough chit chat. If you haven’t already, I’ll let ya go so you can buy your copy and dive in! Be sure to add Initus to your Goodreads and you can purchase Initus on Kindle or Paperback on Amazon. As always, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could spare a minute to leave even just a brief review on Amazon and Goodreads for any of my books. Reviews = more readers = I get fed and can write more books = you get to read more books! 

You all are the best readers an author could ask for, thank you for all of your continued support! This book has a lot of pressure being the series finale, but I really hope you enjoy it. And if you’re still yearning for more, in just a month Plura will be published which will include Connors’ novella along with five short stories featuring various characters from throughout the series!

Stay tuned…

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