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I hope you’re getting as excited about Initus as I am! Keep reading to get a sneak peak into Initus (Walking Shadows, book 5)!! This book isn’t just the big series finale, but it also sheds light on much more including the chaos that led to the very first book in the series. Be sure to pre-order your copy for Kindle and add it to your Goodreads! There aren’t many more days left in the countdown before Initus is published for you to read, but until then keep scrolling for an exclusive excerpt, some teasers, the Spotify playlist, and the Pinterest board for Initus! Just as before, I share different teasers across my various social media pages so be sure to follow me so you don’t miss out!

Now, without further ado…


From Chapter One of Initus:

Sirens blare and I force calm into my hands as I carefully place the vial I was measuring back into the tray holder. With steady hands and even steps I carry the tray to the cooling chamber and slide it carefully to its designated shelf. There. Done. Now I can let my bones rattle as the harsh strobing lights and ear-splitting shriek of the emergency sirens wail their insistent order for me to evacuate.

I pat my lab coat to ensure my I.D. is still securely clipped to my pocket before shoving out the lab doors and entering the chaotic sea of souls rushing through the hallway. I join the fray, turning my head this way and that, searching for Jez or Fitz, my fellow interns and team members. They’d already left for lunch but I’d wanted to finish the batch we’d just pulled before taking a break. As usual, they’d teased me for being the nerd of the group and thanked me for making the team look good. 

No sign of either of them catches my eye so I cover my ears against the noise and dodge elbows to the ribs as I follow the tide down the stairwell. Those idiots were probably taking advantage of the moment to raid the company pantry.

Sweat drips down my back and my hands tremble as I race down, down, down, each step carrying me further towards freedom and safety yet with so many of us packed and desperate inside I feel my lungs struggling to breathe. I never did do well with small spaces. A stairwell isn’t generally thought of as a small space, and I actually don’t have much of a problem with elevators, but the air now feels so thick with thoughts of EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! HURRY! GET OUT! that I want to curl up out of the way and cry. I’m glad Jez and Fitz aren’t here with me after all because I’d never live it down.

Someone yanks on my elbow, forcing my hand away from my ear, and I turn to snap at them. Jezriel’s wide grin greets me and a bit of my panic ebbs away.

“You weren’t going to escape without us, were you?” he teases, shouting to be heard over the persistent sirens.

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That’s all for now! Not much longer to wait until Initus is finally here!! Don’t forget, you can go ahead and pre-order for Kindle and be sure to add Initus to your Goodreads!

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