Initus Cover Reveal!

Hello everyone!

Can you believe this day has arrived at last? Today I am in disbelief, but excited nonetheless to share with you the official cover for Initus, the fifth and final book in the Walking Shadows series! I can’t seem to fully absorb the fact that this book is finished and that this series is coming to a close. Many years of dreaming and work went into this five-book project and because I simply wasn’t quite ready to let it go yet (and for you readers who are always on the hunt for more), I will be publishing Plura this coming August which will include five short stories featuring various characters from the Walking Shadows series and a series prequel novella from Connors’ point of view. But for now, behold! The cover of Initus!

(Walking Shadows #5)
Talis Jones
Dystopian Fiction
Amazon | Goodreads


Morgan Travers was little more than a favored intern at a top medical research facility with a bright future ahead of her. She laughed, she worked, she lived, and she’d at last earned the coveted favor of her mentor, Dr. Xi. Morgan was a nobody, but she was going places. Until one choice destroyed everything: her career, her life, her nation. In one horror-filled moment, Morgan Travers became an infamous curse on everyone’s lips.


Locked in the darkness until her hair begins to gray, a mysterious offer interrupts Morgan’s sealed fate. If she agrees, she could undo the nightmare, restore order to a land destroyed, and exact revenge on those who had betrayed her. The question is: where is the line and will she be willing to cross it?

The thrilling conclusion to the Walking Shadows series unveils the mysterious, dark origins of its dystopian world at last.

Coming July 04, 2021

And there you have it! Be sure to add Initus to your Goodreads and if you’re a Kindle reader then consider pre-ordering your copy! Keep an eye on your inbox for what Initus-related content I’ll release next.

Stay tuned…

*Note: The cover of Initus shown in this post is the Kindle-only cover. The paperback edition’s cover will be darker.

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