Newsletter | April 2021

Hello everyone!

Anyone else suffering from the awful pollen that plagues the land during Spring? I love seeing the world bloom with flowers and new life, adorable bunny rabbits and deer visit my house, but the pollen!! It’s a serious downside in my opinion haha. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well and without further ado I’d like to share a few updates with you.

Alpine Mercantile

Earlier this month I had the fun opportunity to have a booth at the first ever Spring Market hosted by Alpine Mercantile. The free BBQ alone was worth attending for haha. I enjoyed the lovely weather and getting to give away swag and share about my books with readers new and old. Thank you to everyone who stopped by! If you weren’t able to attend, Alpine Mercantile has a limited stock of my books and if you’d like your copy signed, just let them know!


The town of Mooresville, NC will be hosting their first ever MoTownCon on August 21st! Working alongside the public library, Luna Nera Creations, and others, they promise a fun day celebrating cosplay! Events will include costume and art contests, meeting the staff from Luna Nera, photoshoot opportunities and much more. As this is a new event, I’m not sure what to expect, but it sure sounds exciting! I’m hopeful about getting a booth for my books aka another opportunity for me to meet you and talk books, but it isn’t a guarantee so I’ll keep you posted. Regardless, if you’re in the area or enjoy touring to different ComicCons, consider stopping by!

Writing Update

You guys, I am so close to having Initus, the fifth and final novel in the Walking Shadows series, finished!! I’m dedicating the month of May to edits, formatting, cover design, etc. and am aiming for a summer release!

I’ve also made the decision to wrap up this series with a novella for Connors (Walking Shadows #0.5) and a compilation of at least five short stories featuring different characters, bonus scenes, unanswered questions, and even an alternative ending. I’m going to publish both of these books before finally bidding this fictional world adieu. It’s a bittersweet farewell. I’ve enjoyed exploring this dystopian world so much over the past almost five years and it won’t be easy to say goodbye to, but I’m also very excited to be able to dive into my next series which will feature Mexico, magic, supernatural creatures, romance, and more!

I never know where my characters will take me, I simply try to keep up and write things down as they do. To think that I’m so close to finishing my second series has me in stunned disbelief, but I’m also very proud and more than that excited to share it with you loyal readers. I hope the grand finale to the Walking Shadows series doesn’t disappoint and that the extra tidbits I will be publishing will add to the excitement to this coming summer. I have a lot planned and only wish I could write faster!

Stay tuned…

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