Vicinus | Cover Reveal!

Hello everyone!

I am SO EXCITED to be revealing the cover and official blurb for Vicinus at last! I honestly didn’t think I’d make my 2020 publication goal for this book what with life being as crazy as it’s been this year for all of us on top of my getting sick, but somehow this day has arrived and the publication of Vicinus is just around the corner. Thank you to all of you for your continued support!

Okay, enough talk. Behold!

(Walking Shadows #3)
Talis Jones
Dystopian Sci-Fi
300 Pages
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Twelve lives were set free but only one will enter.

Stories of the wealthy and magnanimous Rochester Alliance have carried Maddy thousands of miles to reach its gates while hoping it might be the one place that can keep her ghosts out. Except what if the fate she thought long left behind is simply biding its time?

The Alliance may boast technological feats and prestige, but it isn’t this gilded world that saves her when Maddy stumbles across the border as a refugee on the run. Taken under the wing of notorious thieves, the gritty urban underground becomes both shield and sword when her life is suddenly ripped from the shadows one Christmas Eve that brings a heist, a diplomat, and a secret threatening to drag her back to the one place she won’t survive. Little does she know that soon a ghost will slip through with salvation in one hand and strings in the other set on collecting an old debt that could change Maddy’s world forever.

If you give a rat a cookie, will it still eye your flesh?

Coming December 2020

Ta-da! I really hope you like the cover because I think it’s pretty fantastic. My brother is a talented designer and he’s come through for me once again!

There is no Amazon link as of yet because I won’t be posting this book for pre-order, there simply isn’t enough time to meet Amazon’s pre-order deadlines without pushing back the release and I’d rather get this long-awaited book to you sooner rather than later. But wait, what is the release date? I think I’m going to just let it be a Christmas surprise for you all. Keep an eye on your inbox and social media for the surprise drop!

This book, as teased prior, will be the first big shift in setting for this series as it will not only take place in a city but a city in the Rochester Alliance which we’ve so far only glimpsed through Fury’s quick trip there and Bones’ memories. I had a lot of fun imagining this futuristic yet familiar urban world! We first meet Maddy in book 2, Solus, but we’re rewinding time a bit to find out how she became who she is in that meeting with Bones. Through her memories in this book we’ll also be getting more glimpses into the Pacific Confederation which will be the main setting for the next book!

Good news if you haven’t heard yet! I have actually already finished writing book 4, Ultio, and as soon as Vicinus is published (and I take a short break) I will be diving into edits to get this book out in early 2021! I apologize for making you wait ages for both Wings of Ruin and Vicinus so I’m hoping to make it up to you with only a short wait for Ultio. Can you believe we’re almost done with the Walking Shadows series?? Of course I do have a little surprise for you on that note but I think I’ll keep it hushed for now…

As always, thank you forever for your support and love of these stories I write. You’re truly wonderful and I hope you know how much you mean to me.

Well, now that you have the cover and blurb, my next post will contain an exclusive excerpt just for my newsletter subscribers!

Stay tuned…

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