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The cover is out, the blurb is out, and now it’s time to share some teasers and fun while you wait for the book itself to finally be out! This newsletter post contains teasers, the Pinterest board, the Spotify playlist, and an exclusive excerpt or two! I will be sharing different teasers across my social media so be sure to follow so you don’t miss out!

Teasers & ExcerptS

Alert from the shock of nightmares and cold I knot my sneakers by the strings and sling them over my shoulder before lacing on my precious skates and rolling out into the city that lies silent, unaware of the awakening to come.

The wheels bolted to my boots grumble softly over the sidewalk as I skate toward the docks and pull my music box out of my pocket. With chilly fingers I unwrap the headphones from around the little box and fit them snugly over my ears like magic earmuffs that sing only for me. Vintage tech is my niche and the fam know it. KJ made my skates for my last birthday and Yosef found, created, or I don’t know but he got me the music box for the Christmas before last after I lamented the psycho pop they play on the waves.

…Christmas rolls around and I found my jaw on the floor when I unwrapped the music box and headphones. First of all, he wrapped them. Second of all, he remembered that little nothing conversation from months ago… I tried to turn the volume up loud enough so they could hear through the headphones together, but they just shrugged at it while I couldn’t stop grinning. When I turned that grin onto Yosef I swore I caught a satisfied smirk before he erased it for his aloof default.

The Alliance, everyone said, was supposed to be full of money and dreams. Easy food, warm shelters, and ignorance enough to power a nation, they’d shake their heads and say.

Why doesn’t everyone move there? I’d asked more than once. If they had a refugee program to help set you up to prosper, then why stay here in a land of dust and bones?

Because the cost of comfort is too high, they told me. Out here we have little but we’re free, we have privacy, and we get our justice. In there we could have everything except that.

I could appreciate that. Understand it too. But I’m not tough or savvy enough to pay the price of freedom and privacy so I’d hoped that the Alliance could be my answer.

Pinterest Board

Spotify Playlist

Are you ready for Vicinus? Maddy and company are certainly ready to meet you and tell you more. I hope you’re getting as excited about this new release as I am! This series has been a long work in process but book 3 is just about ready for you and the others will hopefully be swift to follow.
It won’t be long now ; )

Stay tuned…

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