Newsletter | November 2020

Hello everyone!

This month has been busy with lots of twists on my end and I hope yours was much less stressful. I’ve been hard at work on Vicinus, was quarantined due to family testing positive for COVID-19, became horribly sick with the ‘rona myself, and then I had all of my other work that I had to keep up with. So yeah, with it reaching the biggest holiday season of the year things have gotten busier in general and that doesn’t include the self-imposed deadline I created for Vicinus that lands smack dab in the heart of it. I’ve got to say I’m amazed I was able to push through with my writing in any capacity once I got sick because it felt like trying to breathe with the biggest fat cat on my chest and my body felt like it was being held together by achy glue and utter misery not to mention lots of other horrible details I shall spare you from. You guys, I know there are a lot of opinions about this virus stuff but just believe me when I say it SUCKS so try to stay healthy and please try not to give it to anyone else. Anyway, who cares about my whining, what about that book I was writing?? It’s almost done! I am wildly excited to release the next book in the Walking Shadows series and hope you are even half as excited to read it.

Now onto the highlights of this month…


November usually holds the annual Local Author Showcase event at my local library but due to the ‘rona it had to go virtual this year and instead of a meet & greet they recorded interviews with any local authors willing to participate. The library is wonderful about supporting authors and I was so happy to hear they were still willing to host the event! They’re certainly a gem in this community so please show them some love if you can.

If you’re not on social media or missed the day of, you can still catch my interview here or on any of the library’s social media accounts. I was looking forward to meeting with readers, signing books, and handing out swag like last year, so I’m hopeful that I can chat with you guys next year (or if I ever do any other in-person meet & greets).


National Novel Writing Month is over and I am thrilled to announce that Vicinus is (mostly) complete! I’ve finished writing it and am currently working on edits! I truly wasn’t sure I’d make my deadline or NaNo’s, but it’s over and I did and I am both relieved and ecstatic. The ‘rona couldn’t keep me down! I genuinely gave up all hope once I got sick but I got a last burst of energy and somehow slid across the finish line. Thank you, Jesus!

So what does this mean for you? Vicinus will be releasing in December/January!! Keep an eye out for the official cover reveal for Vicinus as well as teasers I’ll be sharing on social media leading up to the release! You can add it to your Goodreads shelf and I’ll share the pre-order link for Amazon as soon as it’s up. Can you believe the day is almost here?? And as a special surprise, I’ve also completed writing Ultio, book 4, so that release will be coming in early 2021!


Happy Thanksgiving! This year’s gathering was a much smaller affair as we usually gather with a few other close friends and their families for a feast, but thanks to 2020 being what it is not to mention my parents and I being sick with COVID during the holiday, we had a simple sick-friendly dinner instead (also what would be the point in all that work cooking and baking when the virus took away our ability to taste and smell??). BUT we do plan on having a belated dinner with our favorite Thanksgiving foods later and when my brother can safely visit!

I know this is a holiday lost on other countries, but historical origins aside it’s an important reminder to remember all of the blessings in our lives and be thankful for them. No life is without hardships and one mustn’t forget the gifts or else all we’ll ever see are the hardships and forget what life is for. Of course Black Friday tends to ruin this and this year we’re all holding our breath for the season finale of 2020, but whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, don’t forget to remember the blessings and good times. It’s so important to never forget.

That about sums everything up for this month! Good food, bad health, and good books! I hope you all have had a fantastic November and keep an eye out for the release of Vicinus, book three in the Walking Shadows series! It’ll be here before ya know it! I also want to say a quick thank you again to all of my readers and for those of you who not only buy a copy but also take time out of your day to leave a review, post a bookstagram, tell a friend, etc. because it means so much to me and is the biggest help an author can receive. You all are the best! 2020 is almost over and I have lots of exciting plans for 2021 assuming life doesn’t try to get in the way (and we all are familiar with what happens to “best laid plans”… Your ongoing encouragement and support keep me going, so I won’t be resting long after Vicinus because I want to keep writing good stories for you and keep up this momentum!

Stay tuned…

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