Newsletter | October 2020

Hello everyone!

I genuinely feel baffled that it is already the end of October. How is that possible?? Well, time continues to march on and so must I. I am thrilled to announce some updates on my writing progress as well as upcoming events! And if you read to the end you’ll also find an adorable picture of my dog’s spectacularly low budget Halloween costume. Thank you all for sticking by me as I hit a slow writing season and I’m working hard to turn that around. As far as Walking Shadows goes, book three is under way, book four is already drafted actually (yes I wrote them out of order like a psycho haha), and my thoughts are already storming on how to conclude this series in book five. I’m both dancing in delight and reluctant to finish this series I love, but the sooner I do then the sooner I can begin new projects! Anyway, onto the news…


The end of October means the beginning of November and the beginning of November means NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH! The challenge has been issued to writers everywhere and once again I’ve decided to take up the gauntlet. With a rapidly approaching deadline for Vicinus, book three in the Walking Shadows series, I decided to get ahead and instead of starting a draft November 1st, I’ve been writing daily in an effort to spend the majority of NaNoWriMo working on daily edits, revisions, formatting, and all the other prep to get this book finalized and ready for publication! Woo! No promises on a final release date, but please know I’m working hard and trying my best to get you something worthy of reading as soon as possible.

I’m not about to give away any spoilers right now, but I will say that I’m having a surprising but fun time crafting this novel with its quirky yet adorable (and, um, deadly) cast of characters. You’ve briefly met Maddy already in Solus, but in this book we’re rewinding a bit and showing you a pivotal point in her life that leads up to that introduction. My challenge for reviews still holds and one of the novellas in the vault is an epic story about what sorts of sneaky shenanigans go on with Bones, Maddy, and the Sanctuary Project…shenanigans that will play into the explosion that is book four.

Goodreads Choice Awards

Voting has opened for the 2020 Goodreads Choice Awards! These awards are certainly more fun to vote in than the Presidential election this year…or most years really lol. If you don’t know what this is, Goodreads, a very popular book community site, holds an annual opportunity to show support for your favorite books! If you don’t see a book that you love listed, you can add it by scrolling to the bottom of the category and typing in the title in the “Write-In Vote” box (only shows up if you’re signed into your account). There are some really big books running so I know I have no chance, but even so it’s fun to toss my work into the ring just for kicks. If you’d like to help a girl out, I’d love for you to vote for Wings of Ruin under the Fantasy and/or Young Adult Fantasy and Science-Fiction categories by writing it in! If you vote, be sure to snap a screenshot, post it, and tag me so I can thank you!

Voting for the opening round ends November 8th!

Virtual Book Talk

Tune in on November 11th to watch my interview with the Mooresville Public Library! They will be posting it on their website and social media plus I will hopefully be able to share it to all of my own social media. Both the library and I would love for you to give it a ‘like’, a comment, and/or a share! Your support not only means a lot of encouragement for me, but it really helps the library maintain an important place in the community, help with funding, and also let them be able to continue providing events and spaces for authors to grow.

I’m really hoping I didn’t embarrass myself, slouch like a shrimp, or give moronic answers (I think I blacked out from nerves haha), but even so I’d still appreciate your support and be sure to check out the other participating authors! I believe they will be posting at least one author spotlight a day for that whole week!

Teen Writing Group

Okay this news is super exciting but not finalized. I’ve been approached by the Mooresville Public Library to help co-lead a monthly in-person writing group for teens! We’re not exactly sure when it will start (right now we’re thinking to wait until at least January 2021) or what it will entail, but we do know that we want this to be a supportive space for teens to work on their craft. Maybe we’ll have writing prompts and challenges, maybe we’ll have some space for teens to share pieces of their own WIPs (WIP = Work In Progress), we don’t know yet and I’m sure it will evolve based on the teens that attend. Support, constructive criticism, and community will be important aspects for this group and I’m really excited to be a part of it!

If you’re a teen living in the Charlotte area of North Carolina, then stay tuned for this sure to be awesome group!

Author Katherine L.E. White has also agreed to join the team so be sure to look up her books!


Last but not least, Happy Halloween! Everything has been turned on its head this year it seems but even so I wanted to dress up and much to my dog’s chagrin that includes him haha. No parties or events to show off our costumes this year, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture for you all! Behold, my $0 budget buddy costume: a camper and a s’more! Silly, fun, and simple it may be but I happen to think my dog looks adorable. #dogmom

That just about sums up my report for October! I feel relieved and excited about having some writing progress to share and a few awesome events coming up next month too! I hope you all had a great month, a happy Halloween, and that you have a wonderful November. Can you believe 2020 is almost over? Such a highly anticipated year and yet I think almost everything is counting down the days until it’s over lol. Say a prayer that my next newsletter contains the miraculous news that I’ve finished Vicinus and that next year I’m able to publish more books for you!

Stay tuned…

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