Newsletter | August 2020

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Hello everyone!

Not much to share this month unfortunately. I wish I could crank out a book a month like I know some authors can but unfortunately I’m a bit slower than that…or, well, a lot slower. Ha. With COVID-19 still holding the U.S. in its grip my life has been (somewhat ironically) growing more busy, hectic, and stressful which of course has made working on something fun and creative like, oh I dunno, writing my next book almost impossible. I’m more than tempted to rent a cabin in the mountains willing to take a guest despite restrictions and have a little writing retreat. Something to get me away from all this madness and time to just focus on my craft, ya know? So yeah, unfortunately this post does not contain the exciting announcement that I have finished another novel for you to enjoy, but do not despair quite yet because I do have something I’m excited to announce!

Drum roll, please…!


That’s right, I said it! Amazingly talented artist Katja Curtin has returned with a painting of Fury and Connors from Alarum (Walking Shadows #1) and I love it! She did a great job capturing their father-daughter relationship as well as their personalities. I can hear Connors’ deep laugh and practically feel Fury fighting to stay sour and not join in laughing at his teasing. I’ve of course added it to the Art page on my website so if you’d like to look at her other pieces as well as those from other artists, be sure to visit! For now though, I present to you the latest character art featuring Connors and Fury:

Fury and Connors_Alarum_Katja Curtin
Art by Katja Curtin

This is a very short newsletter (perhaps my shortest yet) and I apologize that it isn’t packed to the brim with news of a new book release or anything like that, but come on that art is awesome, isn’t it?? Pray for me, everybody. I really want to release the third Walking Shadows book this year but I need my anxiety levels to go down and my motivation to skyrocket. Not sure I can do it without you all cheering me on. I certainly hope change and the way it can so easily toss normalcy upside down hasn’t gotten the rest of you down! Don’t let it! Be stronger than I am haha. Here’s hoping my next newsletter will hold more positive news on the writing front. As always, thank you for being such wonderful, supportive readers. I truly hope I can continue to be worthy of your loyalty as I (slowly but surely) work on this next book.

Stay tuned…

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Ashes on the Earth
(Stones of Fire #1)
by Sarah Ashwood

Paranormal Romance

My friend and fellow author, Sarah Ashwood, has a new series coming out! I was definitely excited to receive an ARC for the first book after hearing her share so many little hints and tidbits for so long! I don’t have a review or solid thoughts on the story yet because I literally only just got it, but I trust that she’s written an exciting new book and I recommend you add this one to your TBR and look into her other works as well!
(Click the book cover to read the description)


“Hues of Blue”
by Kelly Caballero

I recently stumbled across Kelly Caballero’s music and there’s something about this song that makes me happy. Chill, poetic, happy…I’m always welcoming such vibes into my life when I can find them.

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