Newsletter | July 2020

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Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you thank you for all of your support with the release of Wings of Ruin, the grand finale to the Otherworld trilogy! I cannot believe it is finished and available in full to all of you readers! There’s some closure that comes with completing a series, but also a bit of sadness because it is farewell. Of course, I hope you will continue to share these books with new readers and keep them alive in your hearts in which case it is never really farewell, is it?

Another great way to keep the sadness at bay is to dive into a new project! I’ve been a bit slow to get started because there’s just this odd burst of exhaustion that comes with finishing such a long-term project, but I am very excited to announce that the next book I plan on publishing will be book 3 in the Walking Shadows series! Vicinus at long last shall come to fruition! I’m absolutely dancing at the return to this strange, apocalyptic world and it keeps me on my toes as each book features a new POV and a new setting. No comfort zones or repetition to rely on with this series for me!

No spoilers (mostly because there really aren’t any to share yet anyhow haha) but just to tease this next book a bit…

Vicinus follows the story of Maddy whom you might remember meeting briefly towards the end of Solus. In this book however she is younger, perhaps around the age of seventeen, and in the grand timeline of things it overlaps a bit with Alarum. It takes place in the Rochester Alliance, that wild northeastern sci-fi dystopia territory from whence Bones was created and where Fury and Riker snuck in to steal him away. Futuristic transport, advanced tech, and even androids define this chocolate coin society (I say “chocolate coin” because it’s shiny and golden from the outside but inside is just some cheap chocolate with an icky aftertaste…you’ll know what I mean when you read this book…and especially book 5). Once again you’ll meet a new cast of characters and challenges, but keep an eye out because you might see a familiar face from the past and one whom will return in the future. An important cast member will be from across the sea and I’m particularly excited about this because I feel like so often dystopian stories are very isolated and I’ve always wondered what the rest of the world thought about what was going on.

So that’s it for now! I know I was rather vague but at least it’s something to hold onto until I’ve finished writing it and you can read it all yourself. I’m going to try and not take as long as I did with dear Cassandra’s story, but at least rest well knowing that *whispers* I’ve already written book 4! Vicinus will be out when it’s ready and Ultio will follow shortly after!

Well that about sums things up for now! I didn’t want this to be a very long post, I just wanted to check in with you and keep you updated! Thank you a million times over for your support of Wings of Ruin and all of my books. It means so much to me that you take the time to buy them, read them, review them, promote them, love them. If you haven’t read Wings of Ruin yet then this is a great time because you can read the series in its entirety! And if you have, please please consider leaving a review on Amazon and Goodreads because it is so important to authors, especially indie authors like myself.

I hope you’re all weathering this crazy year that is 2020 alright so far and keeping sane (consider reading a book, perhaps? ha!). As always, follow me on social media for all the updates and fun!

Stay tuned…

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Moon Called
(Mercy Thompson #1)
by Patricia Briggs

Urban Fantasy Fiction

moon called mercy thompson

I’ve recently stumbled across the Mercy Thompson series about a mechanic in Washington state who also happens to be a coyote-shifter who occasionally runs with werewolves, vampires, and fae while solving mysteries and saving humans from the darkness they don’t know about. So far I’ve found it a fun series with a fierce female protagonist who is hard not to love. There’s action, family, mystery, thrills, and a tiny dash of “Will they? Won’t they?” to top it off. This isn’t YA, but there also isn’t anything particularly risquĂ© either if you’re worried about that kind of stuff.
(Click the book cover to read the description)


“Too Much is Never Enough”
by Florence + The Machine

I can usually rely on Florence to create music I’ll vibe with and lately I’ve had this tune on repeat. A balance between deep, almost sorrowful poetry, and pure fun that has me spinning and dancing across the kitchen floor, I’d definitely urge you to give this song a listen.

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