Newsletter | November 2019

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Hello everyone!

In the U.S. we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving so with that in mind I want to start this newsletter off with a massive thank you to everyone who was able to stop by and see me at the North Carolina Local Author event! I was genuinely nervous I’d be twiddling my thumbs all alone but alas you surprised me and I had such an amazing time meeting you and chatting about my books with readers new and old. I’m pretty awful at being able to describe/pitch my books, I always want to use far too many words, but overall I met a few new potential readers and fingers-crossed they enjoy my books!

Also shout out to the Mooresville Public Library for organizing this event! Such an amazing staff and enthusiasm! Megan and Serena, you’re the best! ♥

This event was genuinely so much fun but I have one little note that I’d like to share in case you ever go to an event like a book festival, Comic Con, etc. where there are creators presenting their work and trying to achieve their dreams… Please, please, never open up the conversation with “I’m never going to read your books but…”. This is incredibly rude and hurtful! Not every book will appeal to every person, and that’s completely okay, but to open up a conversation with those words and then start interrogating the author on every aspect of what their books are about and demand to know answers/spoilers that haven’t even been written yet?? Um, NO. How about you read the books like everyone else or just walk away. Even if you know you won’t ever read their books but have questions about them nevertheless, don’t bluntly inform them of such and don’t interrogate the author. Be polite, respectful, and friendly. Curiosity is always welcome but the third degree is not. Anyway, I’m sure none of you would ever do such a thing but it’s something to be aware of and if you see anyone else behaving this way then please be kind and step in to cut off their attack to spare the author from having to painfully, politely endure it haha.

But enough of that! Overall the event was a load of fun and I genuinely hope I’ll be back next year! Really I’d love to do more events both in my area and beyond but I suppose I’ll have to wait until I can afford the travel fare haha. Truly though, thank you to everyone who came out to support this group of local authors!

Now onto my bookish news…

NaNoWriMo is coming to a close and I haven’t quite met my writing goal, but there are still a few days left so fingers crossed. Wings of Ruin Status Report: I’ve reached the end of “Act 1” as you might call it. Even though based off my original estimations, my word count should have me halfway through the book or more, I’m somehow only a third of the way in. This is actually okay though, sometimes it’s good to charge ahead at a breakneck speed and sometimes the plot requires a bit more thought and patience to be sure and do the characters justice. Le sigh.

NaNoWriMo banner

Right now I’m thinking this book will be releasing in early 2020. No one is more frustrated than I am by this change in date as originally I’d intended it to be out by October 2019, however, life cannot always be predicted and this is simply the way it is. I am still working on things and I sure wish there was a magic spell to get my books from brain to paper quicker but alas I’m stuck using the traditional method of blood, sweat, and tears. So many tears…lol. Just know that I am doing my best to get you this book as soon as possible and have it be as good as possible (I’m actually super excited about a revelation I had while writing last week even though it meant re-working the beginning of the book).

Thank you for your patience and continued support! (Bonus thank you to those who have reviewed my books on Amazon and Goodreads! If you’d like to give me a Christmas gift then that would be my absolute #1 choice!)

Well, that’s pretty much it for this month. I shall leave you with yet another Cassandra quote as farewell until next time!

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Stay tuned…

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📖Current Read

Tarnished City
(Dark Gifts #2)
by Vic James

Fantasy Dystopia

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So far I’ve read two out of the three books in this trilogy and my mind is shattering. Such a dark, brilliant, intricate, infuriating, but bloody exciting series!! Definitely go check it out if you’re a fan of modern worlds riddled with myth, chaos, and magic.
(click the book cover to read the description)

🎧Current Tune

“What Does the Fox Say? (Acoustic Cover)”
by Michael Schulte

Yes I do actually love this poppy, ridiculous song, but you’ve got to listen to this acoustic cover because it is genuinely beautiful!

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