Walking Shadows Book Sale!

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Hello everyone!

In case you didn’t read my monthly newsletter that went out yesterday, it’s officially been a whole year since Alarum was released and to celebrate I’m doing a three-day flash sale! Both Alarum and Solus will be available on Amazon Kindle for just $0.99 from Wednesday, October 30th through Friday, November 1st!

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This is an excellent time to nudge your friends and convince them to spent just a dollar to try a new author and new book! And if you already own the paperback then this is your chance to grab the eBook for an all-time low price so you can read it wherever, whenever.

I’d also love love LOVE if you could take a minute to leave a review for any of my books on Amazon and Goodreads. I cannot stress how valuable these reviews are to all authors especially those without the full might of a Big 5 publishing team behind them. To those of you who have already reviewed my books, thank you!! You are utterly wonderful and I cannot thank you enough! ♥

Happy reading and Happy Halloween!

Stay tuned…

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Walking Shadows art by Katja Curtin


Bones and Mara_Solus_Katja Curtin_small
Art by Katja Curtin