Newsletter | April 2019

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Hello everyone!

First of all please let me say thank you!! for everyone’s enthusiasm and support over Carrion Crow‘s release! It’s exciting to at last share the dark twists that follow the end of book one! I hope you’ve already grabbed your copy and will find some time to read this sequel and if you have/when you have read it then if you could please leave a little review on Amazon and Goodreads that would be so amazing and appreciated! We authors always try to gather those reviews because they are all the difference in publishing success. In other words, if you leave a review then you’re at the top of the reading pack and we authors will be so grateful (and fed)!

Carrion Crow may conclude Adrianna & Geoffrey’s tale but there will be a third book/prequel in the series that dives in as a villain’s origin story and unveils how the mess the Verdandi twins were dropped into upon arrival on Oneiroi’s shores all began.

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In other bookish news…I’m so close to being ready to publish Solus, book two in the Walking Shadows saga! I’m waiting to hear back from a couple beta readers, then it’s just a final round of edits and come June it will be ready for you all to read! In case you’ve forgotten, Solus picks up about 7 years after Alarum and follows the character Bones. You’ll get to see new parts of the Southern Coalition and meet new characters!

I’ve also just finished writing Dust to Dust, a Walking Shadows novella that takes us back with Fury & Riker to see what mischief they got up to during that three-year gap in Alarum, so if you’ve been wanting more time with them (or more time watching them fall in love) then hopefully you’ll love this! Right now I’m planning on releasing it in July just after Solus releases. I should be getting the cover art for both any day now!

Now onto the personal stuff…

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays and for many reasons (this year I even tried my hand at baking Alfajores to celebrate!). But it’s also during springtime and I don’t know about where you live but here at my house the dreaded pollen season is in full force. Yellow gunk everywhere and lots of sneezing! Ugh. Other than that I do love Spring and seeing color flood back into the world. Although that also brings along the re-emergence of bugs and that’s not so much a favorite thing of mine…haha.


For me this Spring has been a wild time. I published a book, I turned 25, and I’ll undergo TICL surgery (which in short means I won’t need glasses anymore and that’s a really big deal to me because my prescription is so intense that glasses aren’t my best solution anymore if I want 20/20 vision and I just cannot wait to be able to open my eyes and simply see!). The first stage of surgery occurred in March and if I’m posting this as scheduled then the final stage/actual surgery will be on the agenda for this week. Prayers are more than welcome! Hopefully if all goes well then the next time we chat I’ll be seeing the world without the barrier of glass for the first time since I was about four!! Sometimes science blows my mind. (Seriously though, if you were born with perfect eyesight then don’t take that for granted. It’s a serious leg-up in any apocalyptic scenario! Haha)

Wonky Glasses pic

Thanks again for all of your support with my books. You’re the absolute best!

Lots of bookish fun is coming your way this summer so stay tuned…

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❤️Shout Out!

Eternal Reign
(Age of Vampires #1)
by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti
YA/NA Fiction | Dystopian Vampire Romance

Eternal Reign
Amazon | Goodreads

I’ve been a long time reader of both Caroline and Susanne’s works but at last these two sisters have combined their powers! They’ve planned this series for rapid-release meaning you won’t have to wait more than a week between book releases and you can already grab a copy of book 1 and start now! As I’ve become friends with these talented authors I simply had to include them in this month’s newsletter to give a little shout-out.

📖Current Read

Off Planet
(Aunare Chronicles #1)
by Aileen Erin
YA/NA Science Fiction

off planet.jpg

I just finished reading Erin’s latest book and oh my gosh I’m obsessed!! It was everything and more that I hoped it would be and I’m dying for the next one! Sci-fi (almost space opera), evil corporations ruling earth, gritty survival, spaceships, vintage diners, a kickass heroine, and more!
(click the book cover to read the description)

🎧Current Tune

“The Walker”
by Fitz & The Tantrums

Ever since watching Netflix’s original show The Umbrella Academy, this song has been stuck in my head. It’s just so catchy!

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