Carrion Crow is Out Now!!

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Hello everyone!

I can’t believe the day has come! Today the prophesied twins’ tale hits the virtual shelves for readers to devour in earnest and I can only thank all of those who’ve helped this moment happen and hope this ending does not disappoint. So much time and work has been poured into the creation of this series but it’s not over yet. The final book in the series is yet to come, a villain backstory of sorts, and even then no story is ever truly concluded and packed away. I hope with time new readers will continue to discover the books and the stories they contain because what is a story with no one to tell?

I’ve had so much fun putting together a month of promo in preparation for this very day and if you’ve been following along then I hope you’ve enjoyed the anticipation as well. As always I hope your curiosity nudges you to grab a copy to read and your enthusiasm leads you to write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads because that’s what keeps my belly fed and my writer’s imagination churning. Every reader who picks up one of my books and enjoys it even half as much as I loved writing it is truly a gift. The characters in this series took me on quite a ride, none ending as who they began when I first put pen to page but I think it is all for the better and perhaps you’ll agree.

Just one more time let me say thank you, dear reader! And now go forth and be merry.

Oh! And don’t forget, Solus, book two in the Walking Shadows series, comes out in June so stay tuned…

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Otherworld #2
YA Fantasy
368 Pages

Eisen and the Crown consume themselves in a bloody battle of thrones succumbing to the siren call of a long foretold fate. With each move one makes the other must counter, tilting the ever-watchful balance of Oneiroi. The question remains: which shall rise victorious and which is the harbinger of darkness?

Risen from the ashes, the Whispers gather themselves to seize back Oneiroi and fulfill the prophecy they’ve guarded for ages past, determined to see it through. Set on destroying the Crown their powers stir the ancient forest that has shielded them until now. It is time to reclaim their realm.

Adrianna finds herself trapped within the Quidelish palace but nothing can keep her from fighting within. Using every ally and skill in her pocket she races to rescue her brother from a war he must not win. Forced into a position of emissary for all three warring parties she struggles to control the impending bloodshed.

The Island demands blood for blood,
but whose shall it be?

~March 26, 2019~

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*available as eBook and paperback

For the music lovers…

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