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Hi everyone!

This post is just in case your memory has gotten a bit fuzzy on what’s happened so far in the Otherworld series but you don’t have time to re-read it before Wings of Ruin releases on June 30, 2020. Here’s a recap of the series with the aid of gifs! (Don’t worry, although it’s a timeline walk-through of the trilogy I tried to make things vague enough to avoid ruining things for new readers, but pointed enough to help jog the memory of those who’ve already read them. No spoilers for Wings of Ruin in this post! Only things already mentioned in the other two books). Don’t read this post if you haven’t read Crooked Raven or Carrion Crow yet and don’t want to risk exposure to potential mild spoilers.

Otherworld Trilogy covers

Twins are born! With a pretty intense prophecy… So Titus splits up the twins by space and time to protect Oneiroi.

smile frown

Cassandra dies, turns Whisper, stirs up trouble, and sets the prophecy into motion.

psych I've heard it both ways

Things don’t go as planned…

mulan fan sword

Then things do go as planned!

whoopah Chandler

Then we’re back to things going awry…

carousel tired

Oh wait! Everything is good again!

parks and rec high five

Then it’s all water under the bridge because a lot of time passes and people move on but little do they understand that nefarious seeds have been planted…

nobody move

Geoffrey dies and turns Whisper while towing along his foster sister Adrianna but Geoffrey and Adri get split up when, uh, Sarai kidnaps Adri thinking she’s a Whisper. Geoffrey vows to rescue his sister.

home alone

Adri and Sarai become unexpected friends. Sarai’s campaign to overthrow the evil Crown Dismas with her growing rebel army is under way and Adri and Sarai go on a quest to find Dismas’ brother (Could he be leverage? Used for intel?) and gain alliances from neighboring regions.

going on an adventure

Sarai finds another Whisper for her rebellion named Jack. Jack kills a dude and Adri freaks out but then Jack and Adri are bound by a magic spell that connects them (One feels sad, the other feels a shadow of their sadness. One is stabbed, the other feels a shadow of the wound. You get the idea.) and eventually Jack and Adri end up falling in love.

princess and the frogprincess and the frog heart

Yet another Whisper, Sa, joins Sarai’s road trip group and she totally ships Jack and Adri.

eating popcorn

Sarai’s rebel army overthrows Dismas and she becomes the new Crown but some people die, some are banished, and some are imprisoned. Basically, the promised “Happily Ever After” has been postponed.

oh boy

Geoffrey/Eisen has become Dismas’ apprentice, gained powerful magic, aged to the cusp of adulthood, but Adri isn’t free yet so he renews his vow of revenge.

prepare to die

Oh hey! An evil should-be-dead sorceress is back in the game! More people die, some flee, some stay…

I'm back

Eisen forms his own rebel army to overthrow the Crown and rescue Adri.

Gimli concludes negotiations

Jack and Adri are separated so he doesn’t die and she can turn spy.

stop blowing holes in my ship

Titus shares the prophecy with its cast and the only person concerned is Adri.

hands on hips Dumbledore

Adri’s spy days are over and she gets put on the Crown’s enemy list.

that doesn't sound good

Whispers, rebels, soldiers, etc. battle it out. More people die. Oneiroi’s prophesied fate hangs in the balance, people are betrayed, Eisen is too late. ‘Tis a day of victory and grief. Things were sad and now they’re not but then they are again.

ron weasley tea cup

But ultimately Oneiroi is gonna be a-okay.

willy wonka

The end!

Wings of Ruin IG promo

So that’s it! Mostly anyway…hehe. The release of Wings of Ruin is almost upon us! I hope you’re feeling as excited as I am!

Stay tuned…

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