Quarantine Book Sale!

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Hello everyone!

As we quarantine ourselves to wait out the nasty COVID-19, I wondered what I could do to help soften the chaos. Whether you’re self-quarantining or your government has implemented mandatory measures, staying indoors and away from people can get boring or anxiety-inducing quick (especially as the local libraries and bookshops in my area have finally decided to close their doors). To help keep up spirits I’ve decided to make all of my eBooks on Amazon only $0.99 for the next two weeks (ends March 31st). It isn’t toilet paper or hand sanitizer, but hopefully it helps! 😜💕

I’m not trying to profit off of this crazy time (I’d make them free if Amazon would let me, but unfortunately there are rules and right now my books are not eligible for that option), I just really want to help cheer you on and what better way to ride out quarantine than to escape into a story? Several authors are joining in on this effort such as Laura Thalassa (I’ve invited readers to share links to other book deals authors are offering in the comments of my social media posts for the sale so be sure to take a look and if you Google it I am sure many more will pop up) and I thought it was a fantastic idea!

Wash your hands, limit your physical human interaction, download lots of new books to keep you company, if you’re an introvert then enjoy this time of solitude, and I pray you all stay safe and healthy as things continue to get wild out there!

Stay tuned…

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