Newsletter | August 2019

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Hello everyone!

This month has been hot, humid, and busy! In fact quite a few unexpected events sprung up this year that I hadn’t anticipated when I wrote out my optimistic goal schedule that easily proclaimed my release of three novels in 2019. I admit I originally wanted to release my Otherworld prequel, Wings of Ruin, at the end of October but as the summer slipped through my fingers I realized that it’s just not likely to happen. My time was taken up by other commitments, complications, procedures, and to make matters more complicated this plot was determined to remain a tangled riddle. At least I’ve got a new view to enjoy while battling things out!

Outdoor writing space

As you all know by now Wings of Ruin is a prequel to Crooked Raven (Otherworld #1) and it’s a villain backstory. I outlined all three of these books back in 2015 so I had notes already filed for this story and therefore felt confident I could solidify an outline easily and get to writing at once. Well silly me forgot how much the books evolved from those 2015 drafts and notes so almost everything I had written down or saved on my computer regarding Cassandra was irrelevant and conflicting. Not only did I have to dive back in and sort out this book from scratch but it turns out it’s a complicated plot to riddle out at all! I’ve re-worked the book’s outline three times over, I hand wrote summaries of the series to get my brain flowing, and I even created a big character map on my wall to sort out the conspiracy that is the Crown of Oneiroi. That’s right, pictures, color-coded string and markers, notes, etc. all went up on my wall as another tactic to help me sort out who is who and what is what. (I know it looks a mess but it actually clarified things quite a bit).

Cassandra Wall Map

Suffice it to say that unraveling the tale of Cassandra took some work but creating that map of character connections and broad plot points along with a phone call to a beta reader/friend of mine who just let me brainstorm out loud was the final step in finalizing this book’s outline. HUZZAH! It was a serious headache (although I shouldn’t be surprised since it’s a villain’s story, right?) but I finally got things sorted and could sit down to write. And that’s what I’ve been doing all month, getting a bit more written day by day.


Anyway, all this to say that I am working on it but even so I’m worried about making my goal of publishing Wings of Ruin in 2019 like I wanted. I’m trying my hardest to meet that goal but I’d rather push it back to 2020 and give you something worth reading than rush recklessly to meet a deadline and leave you utterly disappointed. I pour my all into these books and I couldn’t stand to publish something I wasn’t happy with, ugh the thought makes me genuinely cringe. I’ll keep you updated on my writing progress (and of course I have a writing status bar on my “Coming Soon” page that you can check) but some things you just can’t rush.

Otherworld Kindle Sale

BOOK SALE! Don’t forget that for a limited time both Crooked Raven and Carrion Crow are listed on Amazon Kindle for only $0.99!! Offer ends with the New Moon (August 30) so be sure to grab your copies now! (Click on the promo graphic above to go straight to Amazon!)

local author showcase.jpg

EVENT NEWS! So I’ve been to a book club Q&A and had a surprise launch party (I still can’t get over how well they surprised me) but this November I’ll be attending my first public book event! Authors will be hosted by the North Carolina Mooresville Public Library in a mini book festival where you can wander through and discover new reads, buy books, win swag, get your books signed, and more! I’ll be there with both of my series and some nifty swag for any who stop by! I’ll let you know more as details are nailed down and we get closer to the event but I just couldn’t resist giving you a heads up! I’m so excited!!

Well that’s it for me this month. I’m buried neck deep in the writing process but I’m dancing on the inside over the upcoming author showcase! I hope you’ve been enduring the summer and best of luck to those of you heading back to school!

Stay tuned…

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đź“–Current Read

Children of Icarus
(Children of Icarus #1)
by Caighlan Smith

Dystopian/Horror Fiction

children of icarus.jpg

This series is so criminally underrated! I believe it’s supposed to be a trilogy and I’m dying slowly as I continue the wait for the final book. It seems as if hardly anyone has heard of these books but they’re so fantastic!! If you’re into labyrinths, monsters, and twisty secrets then you’ve got to give these books a go. I’ve been trying to spend this summer taking time to re-read favorites instead of constantly diving into new releases and this was at the top of my list!
(click the book cover to read the description)

🎧Current Tune

“You Can Run”
by Adam Jones

This is just one of several songs on my Villains playlist that I put together for Wings of Ruin, the prequel to the Otherworld series. The lyrics remind me of the main character, Cassandra, and there’s just something about the rhythm and atmosphere of the song that has me closing my eyes, grinning mischeviously, and dropping right into the writing zone.

Crooked Raven banner2
Carrion Crow Promo Bookmark front