Solus is Out Now!!

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Hello everyone!

Once more it’s a book release day and I still can’t believe it! On this very day, Bones’ tale is at last unveiled for your enjoyment and I truly hope you do enjoy it. Gobs of time, sweat, tears, and hard work have been poured into this series and it’s not even halfway finished (five books plus a collection of novellas!) but at least you get to finally dive into book 2! This one has a bit less of a Western vibe compared to Alarum as it heads for the hills (literally) and introduces you to another part of this fractured society. If you’re a reader who adores plenty of world-building then I’m begging you for patience because each book will be a puzzle piece and only at the end will the full image become clear. I had a lot of fun writing this book and cannot wait for you to meet the cast! I really hope with time new readers will continue to discover my books and the stories they contain because what is a story with no one to tell?

Solus Cover

It’s been a blast putting together this past month of promo in preparation for release day and if you’ve been following along then I hope you’ve enjoyed the teasing fun as well. Hopefully your curiosity nudges you to grab a copy to read and your enthusiasm leads you to write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads because that’s what keeps my belly fed and my writer’s imagination churning. Every reader who picks up one of my books and enjoys it even half as much as I loved writing it is truly a gift. I have so many little favorite moments in Solus that I can’t wait to discuss with you!

Just one more time let me say thank you, dear reader! And now go forth and be merry.

Oh! And don’t forget, Dust to Dust, a companion novella to Alarum comes out on July 16 for those of you who are curious about how Fury & Riker fell in love, and Wings of Ruin, book three in the Otherworld series, comes out this Fall/Winter for those of you who love villain origin stories! Stay tuned…

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Walking Shadows #2
YA Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopia
333 Pages

Born in an experimental lab before two outlaws stole him away, Bones has been planted into the vengeful earth growing strong with a gun in each hand. Given freedom by a group called Sanctuary he’s trained his powers carefully until one day they let him leave. Until one day he witnesses something that will cause his loyalty to waver. Until one day it’s his own name they vow to write with blood.

As the life he thought he knew threatens to crumble beneath his feet he takes to the road determined to explore with no tether but his plans quickly go awry when old adversaries capture him to pay for the sins of his saviors. Whether there remains any place in this harsh land that might dare call itself Home, he fights each challenger with a gun aimed at their chest and a laugh in his step.

When the world wants you dead,
dare to smile.

~June 25, 2019~

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*available as eBook and paperback

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