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Hello everyone!

I am so excited to share with you renderings of my characters in Alarum, the first book in the Walking Shadows Saga! Micheline Ryckman (Whimsical Illustration) is such a talented artist and fellow booknerd who I’ve been following on Instagram for ages admiring her work because no matter what character she tackled she always stunned me with how she was able to lift them off the page and capture them in image. When she agreed to collaborate with me I was dancing around my house!

Having someone draw your characters/fan art is an author’s dream (unless you’re a gifted artist and can do it yourself I suppose haha but that’s not me) so to finally be able to look at someone’s interpretation of the characters I’ve created has me giggling like a kid with candy. It’s interesting also to compare the images in my head with someone else’s renderings because no matter how hard one tries no two readers will ever have the same picture painted in their minds and I actually really like that. I’m hoping for more art so that I can see everyone’s different ideas of what my characters look like! I’m so pleased and thrilled to have these works of digital art and to finally share them with you. Even though Bones is grown up in Solus, you can see how he looked as a kid in Alarum!

Only 6 days until Solus comes out! If you haven’t read Alarum yet, well, technically as these are stand-alones you don’t have to but I’d strongly encourage you to read it first anyway. Don’t forget, my books are free in Kindle Unlimited!

Keep scrolling for the art and more on Whimsical Illustration!
(What do you think? Do Micheline’s renderings match how you imagined them to look? Send me your art! I’d love to see it!)

Stay tuned…

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Riker, Connors, Bones, Fury



Whimsical Illustration

Micheline Ryckman

Micheline Ryckman lives in Creston, BC with her husband and two children. Micheline has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, is co-owner of Whimsical Publishing and is an accomplished artist in multiple mediums. You can learn more about Micheline here at this site whimsicalpublishing.ca & on her personal art blog >>> mishmashart.me. You can also follow Micheline on Instagram: @whimsicalillustration & @mishmashartist

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