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Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to kick off the month of Carrion Crow’s pre-release fun with finally sharing the cover art! I’m so excited with how it’s turned out and hope you’ll love it too! Not only that but I’m really stoking the fire by including a teaser and an excerpt that will hopefully have you ready for more (and before either of us knows it that day will arrive). A lot occurred, escalated, twisted, and confused in Crooked Raven but this sequel will climb further on the precipice and you’ll simply have to read the book to find out who falls and who stands. For those of you who’ve been wishing there was more about Geoffrey/Eisen in book one, well he’s done his waiting and he takes on a larger role in this continuation of the story.

Now without further ado…behold! The cover!

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To get you all a bit extra excited for the release I’ll be sharing sneak peeks across all of my media platforms so be sure to check them out for the fun! I’ll be sharing some teasers and quotes all month but for bonus teasers, character memes, and exclusive excerpts be sure to join the Facebook group “Talismonium”! For now however I’ve decided to go ahead and give you all a peek at one of Eisen’s chapters alongside the long awaited cover reveal. I hope you like it!



Otherworld #2
YA Fantasy
368 Pages

Eisen and the Crown consume themselves in a bloody battle of thrones succumbing to the siren call of a long foretold fate. With each move one makes the other must counter, tilting the ever-watchful balance of Oneiroi. The question remains: which shall rise victorious and which is the harbinger of darkness?

Risen from the ashes, the Whispers gather themselves to seize back Oneiroi and fulfill the prophecy they’ve guarded for ages past, determined to see it through. Set on destroying the Crown their powers stir the ancient forest that has shielded them until now. It is time to reclaim their realm.

Adrianna finds herself trapped within the Quidelish palace but nothing can keep her from fighting within. Using every ally and skill in her pocket she races to rescue her brother from a war he must not win. Forced into a position of emissary for all three warring parties she struggles to control the impending bloodshed.

The Island demands blood for blood,
but whose shall it be?

~March 26, 2019~

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*available as eBook and paperback


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Cries rang out, jeering taunts filled the breeze, and bloodthirsty barks caught Eisen’s attention. His head snapped up from the notes he’d been reviewing. Stepping out of his tent settled in the heart of camp he quickly located the disturbance. A fight. With quickened steps he strode towards the source finding a crowd of his soldiers forming a ring around Aleksander and a stranger. He watched as they matched each other blow for blow. His man increased his attacks leaving behind all etiquette as the stranger refused to be taken down but even so the stranger himself seemed able to shrug off his formal training and play just as dirty. Eisen studied them curiously.

A loud crack rang through the air and Aleksander cradled his arm moaning in pain. The glass had shattered and the crowd moved to rush in and take their revenge. “Stop!” commanded Eisen. His voice was calm but it carried. The soldiers froze their attacks and parted as Eisen stalked towards the stranger standing bloodied in the center. The men and women grumbled and spat but made no move to hurt the man. He seemed completely unfazed by their hisses and leers, standing with a straight back. Despite his bleeding nose, split lip, and pummeled body, he looked at Eisen straight in the eye as he approached him. “Who are you?”

The man tilted his head. “Do you not remember me? We met but once, it’s true.”

“I can hardly recognize you for a man under all that filth,” Eisen pointed out dully.

“Ah yes, that is also true.” The man offered a horrible smile for blood coated his teeth. “I am well acquainted with your sister and I’ve come to join you.”

Eisen blinked. “Your name,” he demanded.

“Jack Cromwell,” the man answered with a slight bow of the head. At the sound of his name several in the gathered crowd hissed and stories surfaced in Eisen’s memory. “Ah, I see some of my fans are here. Good to know,” the man smirked.

Flashes of the man Adrianna had danced with in Mordréda all those months ago spun in Eisen’s mind. A man with dark hair, copper eyes, and footsteps laced with lethal grace. Not a white knight by far, but that night he hadn’t seemed like a dark one either. The man was so filthy from the muddy brawl he could not be sure, but if this was Adrianna’s Jack then she must be in trouble. “Show me your arm.”

“Quit wastin’ time,” sneered a soldier with snake-like eyes and stringy hair. “Let’s kill ‘im! He’s got debts to pay for!” A few of those stood around him began to voice their agreement but without so much as a glance Eisen flung out his arm and the man crumpled. The others fell silent, their protests forgotten.

“I know Israfil bonded my sister with a man named Jack Cromwell and if you are he then you will show me your arm.” Eisen held the man’s eyes with an unwavering stare filled with challenge and promised threats should he be lying.

Without breaking eye contact the muddy fighter rolled up his sleeve revealing a swirling jagged tattoo inked along his forearm. Rubbing his palm, a melting sun peeked through the dirt. “I am Jack Cromwell, bonded with Adrianna Dietrich Verdandi, sister to you, Geoffrey Martinez Verdandi. So don’t you dare turn me away, brother.”

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So that’s about it for today! Hopefully you enjoyed that little preview and it has you excited to find out what happens after surviving Crooked Raven. If so then stay tuned for more this month! The Kindle edition is already up on Amazon and available for pre-order but the paperback edition will be available for purchase on the official release date, March 26th.

Remember, there will be more to come in these next few weeks leading up to Carrion Crow‘s release! So stay tuned…

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