New Audiobook! Hunt de las Brujas

Hello everyone!

I’m back with some exciting news!! Hunt de las Brujas, the second book in the Fifth Sun urban fantasy series, has been made into an audiobook!

After seeing how much you all enjoyed the first book, it was clear the series must be continued in audio! (Plus it seems awfully mean to leave audiobook listeners hanging like that, no?). The series is told in dual POV and so of course as it was with book one there will be two narrators. “Whom?” you ask. Nichole and Pablo, of course!

Nichole James (“Selah”) and Pablo Azar (“Rafael”) are so kind to work with and do such a great job that I was both excited and terribly nervous when I reached out after Christmas to begin discussing book two. Not only were they still both very interested in narrating Hunt de las Brujas, but they both shared that they’d love to remain onboard for the entire Fifth Sun series!! That’s SUCH a relief to me because I really love working with them and I know it’s a horrible irritant to listeners when narrators swap out mid-series.

Both Nichole and Pablo are here to stay (YAY!) and despite their busy schedules have poured in their time and care into narrating each book so please, if you can, take a moment to leave a review after you listen! ♡

My goal is to focus on producing the 5-book Fifth Sun series as audiobooks, but it won’t happen overnight unfortunately. There’s my tight budget, the narrators’ very busy schedules, random life hurdles, etc. to overcome, but make your enthusiasm heard and hopefully your support will help speed up the process! Plus it’s truly a wonderful feeling to see your support!

Just a reminder that all of my audiobooks will be non-exclusive to Audible so that you have a selection of retailers to choose from and libraries will have access to them as well. Be sure to ask your local library to request a copy! (If for some reason it isn’t available yet on your favorite audiobook platform, just give it a week or so and by then the full distribution roll out should be complete.)

Thank you, as always, for all of your support! I will continue doing my best to produce bookish content that you’ll (hopefully) love!

Hunt de las Brujas: The Audiobook

Author: Talis Jones
Narrators: Nichole James & Pablo Azar
Release Date: May 18, 2023

Recovering from the aftermath of the Wraith King’s attack, Selah bided her time in Mexico under Rafael’s protection. When her old allies-turned-enemies show up on the Malinche coven’s doorstep with demands, however, Rafael will have to think fast to keep Selah out of their clutches. To make matters worse, there’s a new monster sharpening its claws and it’s the last person they’d ever guess could betray them. 

Feliz Navidad, brujas.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Spotify, iBooks, Hoopla, Libby,, and more! Search for the title or request it from your local library!

Keep an eye out for more events and book releases! I’m not finished writing stories yet.

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