Newsletter | April 2023

Hello everyone!

March was madness, but there’s a lot to look forward to in April! I got some sort of crazy spring allergies/cold/idk that lasted for far too long, but March also did shake loose my writing wheels and started getting me back into the swing of things. I’m so relieved to be loosening back up and able to sink back into writing habits so that I can finally share these exciting sci-fi stories and stop apologizing for the delay (seriously, I’m such a deadline stickler and the delays have been driving me absolutely crazy!). So yes, you’re going to want to take a peek at what’s in this newsletter…

Paranormal Book Fair

Browse this book fair to discover Revenge de los Muertos amongst other exciting reads with paranormal elements!

Fair runs through the month of April.

Sassafras Book Signing

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who dropped by my book signing at Sassafras on Main in March! It was chilly in the mountains, but so fun (plus I got some delicious fudge!). I was so happy to see some familiar faces and to get to meet some new readers from this pocket of Appalachia. Hopefully I can come back for another signing someday! Also, massive thank you to Sassafras for inviting me to be a part of this day! I’ve loved your bookstore as a reader for a while so getting to be an author with a table there felt extra special to me.

My next book signing/event is currently MoTownCon in October, but if anything pops up before then I’ll be sure to let you know!

Sci-Fi Covers!

Have you visited my website lately? If so then you will have noticed something different and very exciting! The eBook covers for the Faraway Chronicles have been revealed! I believe I’ve mentioned it before, but all three stories will be published separately as eBooks and together as one paperback. I thought publishing it as a combo/omnibus was a fun idea plus there’s a convenience factor (Finish one novella and turn the page to immediately dive into the next!), but let me know if you’d rather have separate paperback copies instead.

These covers were fun to create (my brother is currently in the housing market battle trenches which, yes, is still apparently insane so I thought I’d try tackling this project myself rather than add it on top of everything else he’s got going on). I leaned more into the space opera vibes than the fairytale ones because while they are all founded and inspired by classic tales, they really do launch off into the stars and I wanted its true genre to be the focus. I think they look pretty neat and I hope you do too! I haven’t shared the paperback cover yet though so you’ll simply have to wait for that cover reveal! Muahaha!

Faraway Chronicles Update

Well… *sigh* I had all the plans in the world to publish this novella trilogy this spring somewhere in March-May… Unfortunately things got in the way and I didn’t fight as hard as I should have. Instead of waiting for all three to be 100% ready to go before releasing them, however, I’ve decided to go go ahead and publish each story as an eBook as it’s finished and then the paperback (which will contain all three together) will be published once they’re all released. Unless…I change my mind. Lol. I am still sort of taken with the idea of having everything launched at once. Let me know your thoughts!

I apologize for dropping the ball, but creative things are just so difficult to wrangle into being when they’re not in the mood to be lol. This has turned more into a Spring/Summer release, but I am definitely determined to publish this year! (I even signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo to help push things along and that starts TODAY!).

(What about the Moorlington Murders mysteries?? I’m leaving the goal to have a novel published this fall, but honestly with this new job and the way life fluctuates…it will be what it will be when it will be, but it will be. I also have a retro vampire standalone I’ve been dying to write since 2016 that I simply must fit in somewhere too!)

That wraps things up for March and updates for April/beyond! It feels like both a lot and a little. (Oh wait, did I mention that the Alarum audiobook is COMPLETE and submitted for release?? Paige did an AMAZING job narrating it and waiting these next few weeks for approval and distribution is going to be agony but I will send out an email once it’s live! Solus, the audiobook, will be releasing this Fall by the way!!).

Thank you again for your support at my book signing and your continued support for the stories that I write! I can’t wait to finally share The Faraway Chronicles with you and to explore what story project comes next.

Stay tuned…

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