Autumn Book Fairs!

Hello everyone!

Some of my books will be appearing in several different book fairs this autumn and so I’ve put together a list of all the ones I’m participating in this November! There will be many authors and books to discover so be sure to scroll through this post, click the links, and browse for your next read! (And if you’d really like to help me out, search for my book(s) in the fairs and click on their links to help give them a boost!)

Supernatural Book Fair

This book fair is packed with books filled with mystery, romance, and the supernatural! You’ll find Revenge de los Muertos among several other books that fit the bill! Browse for your next read here!

Native Americans in Urban Fantasy Book Fair

This book fair features urban fantasy stories with some sort of tie to Native Americans whether that’s the characters, the mythology, the setting, etc.! Mexico is a part of (North) America and thus Revenge de los Muertos, with its indigenous roots, gets to join this awesome collection! Browse for your next read here!

Celebrate Family! Book Fair

This book fair is primarily filled with the sci-fi/dystopian genres, but ALL of the books featured include a theme about family, found family, and the like. You will most certainly find Solus on the list as family is perhaps Bones’ biggest dream. Browse for your next read here!

Villains, Curses, and Revenge Book Fair

This promo is for sci-fi and/or fantasy books containing villains, curses, or revenge. Was the villain always evil, or did he start off as the hero? Why did the witch curse the kingdom, and why does the rogue assassin want revenge? You’ll find my book Wings of Ruin on the list! Browse for your next read here!

Fantasy Adventure Book Fair

This book fair has offerings from various genres under the fantasy umbrella and they all come filled with adventure! You’ll find my own Crooked Raven on the list. Browse for your next read here!

Urban Fantasy Romance Book Fair

Grab your pumpkin spice latte and kick back with one of these epic stories packed with magic and a romantic subplot! You’ll find Revenge de los Muertos on this exciting list! Browse for your next read here!

Age of Fantasy Book Fair

All things fantasy and (clean) fantasy romance can be found at this virtual book fair including Crooked Raven and Revenge de los Muertos! Browse for your next read here!

*This book fair runs from November 21 – December 31

Don’t forget that books make excellent Christmas presents and if you’re looking for a way to help support your favorite authors without breaking the bank, seemingly simple things such as clicking the links in this post, sharing about your favorite books in person, online, at bookstores, etc., leaving book reviews online, and engaging with authors on their social media accounts are all easy but seriously great ways to help us authors out! It might not feel significant to you, but I assure you it means so much to us!

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving!!

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