Newsletter | August 2022

Hello everyone!

How is the summer passing by so quickly?? I’ve been hard at work on my new writing project and cannot wait to share it with you all. It’s been a load of fun diving into this new genre. One of the top rules of publishing is to pick a lane and stay in it, but my ideas refuse to follow the rules. Every project I’ve done has been in a different genre and while that might hurt me and make things a lot more difficult to market, every time I try to box myself in my creativity dies. So, hopefully you’ve been open to trying out genres familiar or new as my projects hop from one to another.

Read the Fifth Sun series!

In case you missed the news, Fifth Sun, my Mexican urban fantasy series, is now complete! You can binge all five books from start to finish if you so desire! I hope you enjoy reading about Selah & Rafael’s adventures as much as I did writing them. Please don’t forget to leave reviews and tell your friends so that these characters get some love!

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MoTownCon 2022

MoTownCon is coming up in October (which I know is still a few months away) and I’ll be there! I was happy to have been invited to return and I hope you’ll be able to stop by! I’ll have books available (and am happy to sign any books you already own as well) as well as some free swag! This year’s event is going to be even bigger and more exciting than last year’s so come check it out!

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Don’t forget that these independent bookstores are now carrying some of my books and don’t worry if you’re not local because Main Street Books will ship! Buying my books through them supports not only these small businesses, but also my own so please consider purchasing your copy through them (and it’ll be signed!). Don’t see the book you want? Try requesting it!

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Well that’s about it! Thank you to everyone for supporting my writing and I can’t wait until my next book is out for you to read and enjoy!

Stay tuned…

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