Surrender de la Llama is OUT NOW!

Hello everyone!

¡Feliz cumpleaños a mi abuelito! Today is my grandfather’s birthday AND the day the fifth and final book in the Fifth Sun series comes out! Surrender de la Llama* (Surrender of the Flame) is the grand finale of my Mexico-inspired urban fantasy series filled with magic, monsters, and mystery, and it is now out in the world! If you haven’t picked up book one, Revenge de los Muertos, then hurry so you can dive straight into what happens next!

Don’t forget to order a paperback copy for the bonus material that includes authentic Mexican recipes from my mom! Thank you to everyone for your support!

*Don’t forget that in Spanish “ll” is pronounced as an English “y”

Surrender de la Llama
(Fifth Sun #5)
Talis Jones
Urban Fantasy
Amazon | Goodreads

A breach in the gate between realms allowed the celestial battle of angels and demons to leak into the human world, but the weight of that failure wasn’t the only thing tearing Selah apart. Betrayal by someone she loved and the price she’d have to pay left Selah holding the fate of the Fifth Sun in her hands while Rafael must choose between his heart and his crown. Would this become the earth’s final song? Or could peace be wrung from a war too stubborn to yield? 

Saludos, mis amigos.


Shop Indie!

Main Street Books, an independent bookstore in Davidson, NC, is now carrying signed copies of Revenge de los Muertos! So if you haven’t purchased a paperback copy yet (don’t forget that the paperbacks contain recipes!), please consider doing so through them. Not local? No problem! They ship! This is such an amazing opportunity to see my books on their shelves and I am so thankful that they signed me on!

Main Street Books

Davidson, North Carolina


Here is some fun art for the Fifth Sun series drawn by @doodlia, @sallteas, and @theskullslums!! It’s always exciting to see how different artists envision my characters!

That’s all for now. Be sure to add Surrender de la Llama (Fifth Sun #5) to your Goodreads and buy your copy on Amazon today! I’d also deeply appreciate it if you would write a little review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or BookBub. Reviews are such a help to authors and mean more than we can say. Thank you to everyone for your support! I can’t believe this series has finally concluded and you all made it more fun than I could’ve hoped for. Thank you x1000!

This may be the end of Fifth Sun, but that doesn’t mean I’m finished writing books! Keep an eye on your inbox for what I’ll release next!

Stay tuned…

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