Surrender de la Llama Cover Reveal!

Hello everyone!

THE FINAL BOOK IN THE FIFTH SUN SERIES IS ALMOST HERE. Book five is just a few weeks away! Can you believe it?? Today is my mom’s birthday (massive thank you to her for helping me with the recipe section of my books!) and to celebrate I’m sharing the official cover and blurb for the fifth book in the Fifth Sun series, Surrender de la Llama* (Surrender of the Flame). If you haven’t started this dark yet intriguing urban fantasy series yet, then you can check out book one, Revenge de los Muertos, here.

Time for the cover reveal!!

*Don’t forget that in Spanish “ll” is pronounced as an English “y”

Surrender de la Llama
(Fifth Sun #5)
Talis Jones
Urban Fantasy
Amazon | Goodreads

A breach in the gate between realms allowed the celestial battle of angels and demons to leak into the human world, but the weight of that failure wasn’t the only thing tearing Selah apart. Betrayal by someone she loved and the price she’d have to pay left Selah holding the fate of the Fifth Sun in her hands while Rafael must choose between his heart and his crown. Would this become the earth’s final song? Or could peace be wrung from a war too stubborn to yield? 

Saludos, mis amigos.

Coming July 16, 2022



Behind the scenes

Once again, the sneaky background of the cover contains a picture from my own camera (well, actually this time it was technically my dad’s I think). Shakespeare’s famous Romeo & Juliet is actually a story that can be found in many cultures including the Aztec’s. I mention them briefly throughout the series, but Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl have a similar romantic yet tragic tale that also serves as the origin story for this iconic volcanic landscape (pictured above) that is a testimony to their enduring love as they are bound to each other for eternity. While Selah and Rafael’s story is rather different, I sprinkled hints of inspiration from this ancient tale into theirs. I definitely encourage you to read the tragic love story of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, but rest assured that the ending of Fifth Sun will not be as sad. I made you all a promise at the beginning of the series and I’m sticking to it!

The first four books in the Fifth Sun series have been released on holidays: Day of the Dead, Three Kings, Ash Wednesday, Cinco de Mayo. The series finale, however, I’ve chosen to release on my abuelito’s birthday. Revisiting Mexico and getting to explore and share that part of my heritage has been so fun for me as I’ve crafted the Fifth Sun series and I really hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at the urban fantasy genre and also thought it would be cool to share a bit about Mexican culture and the two ideas collided into Fifth Sun. Thank you for going on this wild, magical journey with me!


Each book in the Fifth Sun series contains authentic Mexican recipes at the back of the book (paperback editions only). I mention food quite a lot in these books and thought why not offer a few recipes for you to try for yourself? Each book in the series contains different recipes so you’ll want to purchase all five books to collect them all! I hope you enjoy this extra taste of Mexico.


I know I say this all the time but I love when artists bring my characters to life with their talents! Julia (whom you can find on Instagram @doodlia) created this amazing depiction of Rafael and Selah! She completely surprised me with what her creativity came up with and I’m so excited to share it with you all!

That’s it for now. Be sure to add Surrender de la Llama to your Goodreads as well as to your BookBub wishlist and if you’re a Kindle reader then consider pre-ordering your copy! Keep an eye on your inbox for what Fifth Sun-related content I’ll release next!

Stay tuned…

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