Hunt de las Brujas Cover Reveal!

Hello everyone!

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m here with a surprise for you! Fifth Sun has only just begun and today I’m unveiling the official cover and blurb for book two, Hunt de las Brujas (Hunt of the Witches). If you haven’t started this dark yet exciting urban fantasy series yet, then you can check out book one, Revenge de los Muertos, here.

And now it’s time for the cover reveal!!

Hunt de las Brujas
(Fifth Sun #2)
Talis Jones
Urban Fantasy
Amazon | Goodreads

Recovering from the aftermath of the Wraith King’s attack, Selah bided her time in Mexico under Rafael’s protection. When her old allies-turned-enemies show up on the Malinche coven’s doorstep with demands, however, Rafael will have to think fast to keep Selah out of their clutches. To make matters worse, there’s a new monster sharpening its claws and it’s the last person they’d ever guess could betray them. 

Feliz Navidad, brujas.

Coming January 06, 2022


Each book in the Fifth Sun series contains authentic Mexican recipes at the back of the book (paperback editions only). I mention food quite a lot in these books and thought why not offer a few recipes for you to try for yourself? Each book in the series contains different recipes so you’ll want to purchase all five books to collect them all! I hope you enjoy this extra taste of Mexico.



Behind the scenes

Shoutout to my brother, a film photographer known as Shrk_bait, for doing whatever it takes to get the shot! If you look closely, the background of Hunt de las Brujas features a distinctive bridge in Wilmington, NC which is a nod to the Equoni coven and Selah’s hometown and that photo was taken by my brother!

Don’t forget that books can make great gifts and the paperback editions of the Fifth Sun series all contain authentic Mexican recipes that you’ll want to collect and try! Be sure to add Hunt de las Brujas to your Goodreads and if you’re a Kindle reader then consider pre-ordering your copy! Keep an eye on your inbox for what Fifth Sun-related content I’ll release next and above all else I hope you have a merry Christmas filled with thanksgiving and rest.

Merry Christmas & stay tuned…

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