Revenge de los Muertos | Sneak Peek!

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I hope you’re starting to feel as excited about the Fifth Sun series as I am! This post is all about offering you a sneak peak into this Aztec-inspired urban fantasy world! Revenge de los Muertos may be the start of the series, but the adventure won’t end there. Each book presents new challenges and opponents for Selah and the Malinche coven to defeat though I can already sense how nervous some of you are. If you’ve read my books before, you may be understandably wary when it comes to unfortunate character deaths. Fear not! Fifth Sun will ultimately have an HEA (Happily Ever After) ending. It won’t be an easy road, however, so I hope you’ll support the series and cheer the characters on!


Be sure to pre-order your copy for Kindle and add it to your Goodreads! Day of the Dead (November 2nd) will be here before you know it and Revenge de los Muertos (Fifth Sun, #1) will be published for you to read, but until then keep scrolling for an excerpt, some teasers, the Spotify playlist, and the Pinterest board for Fifth Sun! Just as before, I share different teasers across my various social media pages so be sure to follow me so you don’t miss out!

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff…


From one of Rafael’s chapters in Revenge de los Muertos:

“Strong illusionist nahualtin, a siren, and now another reaper?” Antonio shook his head. “What don’t they have in their rogue little coven, eh?”

Crouched down beside the body, I examined it carefully before drawing out my magic to see if their killer left behind any trace. Magic often did unless they’re powerful enough or have the time to cover it up. Of course, I might not recognize the scent (for lack of a better word) though Raúl could try to hunt it and if I ever did come across the person, I’d recognize them at once.

“Do you know who it was?” Francisca asked after I released my magic and sat back on my heels.

“No,” I sighed unhappily. “They tried to cover their trace up, but either they were rushed or weak because I broke through their spell easily.”

“Raúl,” she summoned sharply.

Raúl bounded over already shifted.

“Take a whiff and go with Damien to track them down,” I ordered before standing up. The pair nodded and after Raúl took a good sniff with his tlacocoyotl nose they turned tail, their eyes glowing with the hunt. “Antonio, deal with the body.”

“Want me to take it to the basement for a more thorough search? He doesn’t have any I.D. but maybe there’s a tattoo or some other identifying mark on him.”

“Do it then dispose of the body somewhere he’ll be found,” I clipped. “He’s not one of us. If he has family, they deserve to find him. Have Alicia deal with the police.”

With a nod, Antonio bent down and hoisted the corpse over his shoulder before casting a spell to hide them from sight.

Francisca and I stood alone in the alley where the body was found. A siren had been leaving her gig at a club when she’d stumbled across him and sent a text to Antonio who handled these sorts of tips. Winter drew nearer and the papel picado danced above us with the breeze in taunt. The streetlight that should have illuminated this narrow walkthrough remained dark, bits of glass on the ground around its base. This attack had been calculated.

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I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into the Fifth Sun series! Revenge de los Muertos is almost here! Don’t forget, you can go ahead and pre-order for Kindle and be sure to add Revenge de los Muertos to your Goodreads! If you’re a book reviewer or promoter (i.e. blogger), there’s still a bit of time left to sign up for the official Book Blitz with Xpresso Book Tours and help give this new series a special kick off!

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