Ultio Cover Reveal!

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I love these days because cover reveals just might be my favorite! Okay maybe just sharing anything about my books is my favorite. Regardless, I am so thankful for my talented brother who has been creating the covers for my entire Walking Shadows series and today begins the month of promo for Ultio (Walking Shadows, book 4) which kicks off with the unveiling of the cover and official book blurb! I hope you like it!



(Walking Shadows #4)
Talis Jones
Dystopian Fiction
Amazon | Goodreads

O say can you see by my bomb’s warning light…

Under a symphony of explosions and allegiance sung in minor key, a mysterious assassin called Ares rises from the ashes to challenge both leaders and citizens alike. Fear and false comforts hold society in its prison and after so many years of obedience will they be able to open their eyes and grasp onto the change Ares offers them? Ares has plotted patiently and remains steadfast on her path, moving her pawns across the board biding her time for rebellion to ignite. When the clock chimes at last the people will stand behind her or condemn her to face her fate alone.

The future of the Pacific Confederation hangs in the balance and one persistent inspector could be all it takes to hold the cornerstone in place. Will the iron rule hold? Or will the cries for freedom shatter the walls at last?

…For a change is a must when our cause it is just

Coming February 23, 2021

Ultio cover reveal 3

And there you have it! Be sure to add Ultio to your Goodreads and if you’re a Kindle reader then consider pre-ordering your copy! Keep an eye on your inbox for what Ultio-related content I’ll release next.

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