Newsletter | May 2020

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Hello everyone!

This month’s newsletter will be pretty short because the real stuff will be coming NEXT WEEK! That’s right, Wings of Ruin will be releasing on June 30th so the celebratory month of promo will begin shortly! Quotes, excerpts, behind-the-scenes content, music, and more will be coming in teasing bits and pieces over the next few weeks so be sure to follow me on social media and keep an eye on your inbox!

It has been a long road yet arrived we have and I’m very excited to share the epic finale to the Otherworld trilogy with you all. New characters, same villain, and a whole lot of controlled chaos…well, mostly controlled. I think it’s the type of book people will either love or hate, but aren’t those the most fun to write?

She's coming_Wings of Ruin

For those of you who aren’t particularly big fantasy fans and instead are banging your head against the wall waiting for me to share something about the Walking Shadows series…rest assured that both Vicinus, book three, and the novella, Dawn to Dusk, that bridges Solus and Vicinus with some thrilling bonus content, are currently undergoing the plotting and planning stage. So many exciting new characters to craft and plot lines to weave! As soon as I’ve got mostly solid ground established I’ll be diving into the first draft writing stage and from there, well, from there things will really begin to take shape. Just know that I’m working hard to get these stories written and published for you all even when life frustratingly gets in the way.

Another fun little announcement is that I’ve recently re-designed the interiors of all my books! It isn’t a major change honestly, but it makes me happy. If you have yet to buy any of my books then this is a good time! And if you already own copies of my books then you get to be the lucky ones who now own original first editions!

Massive thank you to every one of you who supports my writing. An author needs readers and you lot are the absolute best.

Stay tuned…

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The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
(The Hunger Games #0)
by Suzanne Collins

YA Dystopian Fiction

ballad of songbirds and snakes

I’ve been a massive fan of The Hunger Games since middle school and I had to endure the agony of waiting for each book and then movie to come out. When Collins announced that she was publishing an origin story for President Snow I flipped out absolutely excited to get my hands on it. So far it’s wildly good so definitely check it out if you enjoy morally gray characters and ethically complex plots.
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“How To Be Yours”
by Chris Renzema

I stumbled across this song, as I did most of the music in my library, and something just really resonated with me…it’s a bit like a sorrowful lullaby.

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