Halloween Book Sale

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Hi everyone!

Just sending you a quick post to let you know that I’ve joined up with some other lovely authors for a Halloween Book Sale! (Big thanks to best-selling V Games author Caroline Peckham for organizing it!) There’s quite a selection of books that will be either free or $0.99 for a limited time so be sure to check them out and see if anything catches your eye!

What am I offering for this grand festive treat?

Crooked Raven (Otherworld #1) will be available on Amazon Kindle for only $0.99 from October 26-31!!
via Halloween Book Sale

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So if you own the paperback but would love to have the eBook or maybe you’ve yet to read it at all then this is definitely a chance you shouldn’t let pass you by! (Of course, if you have Kindle Unlimited then you can always read it for free, but wouldn’t you love to own it?). Crooked Raven dances between the paranormal and fantasy genres making it a definite candidate for a good Halloween read. Mystical island, ghosts, vengeance, epic adventure?? I mean, come on. That sounds a bit Halloween-y right? 👻

So spread the word! Tell your friends, your neighbors, your mailman, your pizza delivery angel, or anyone who you think would love to check out some affordable paranormal/fantasy reads!

Stay tuned…

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