Newsletter | May 2018

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Hello everyone!

This will be a rather short post but I wanted to share a few updates with you. First of all just a heads up that I’ve put together my Facebook author page plus a special closed group for fans of my books! I know you haven’t read them yet (well, except my beta readers) but feel free to join the group to be a part of the pre-release hype. It’s currently called Talismonium (yes I simply combined my name with the epic word ‘pandemonium’) and its members are my fantastic Talismanian Devils. HUZZAH. I really want this group to be a place where I can personally interact with my readers and have them interact with each other as well. There will be exclusive spoilers, teasers, updates, and mayhem going on so be sure to join now so you don’t miss out!

My next update is about the cover for Crooked Raven. Although I researched cover artists I really wanted to have my brother create my book’s cover. He’s a graphic designer and an awesome edgy artist so between the two of us we’ve come up with a pretty cool design for my fantasy series that I can’t wait to share with you all!

(Sneek Peek: And I’m really excited to collaborate with him on the covers for the Walking Shadows saga because those books are less fantasy and more shattered world so his art style will really get to play with those I hope!)

Well this was a short little post but I just wanted to keep you in the loop. Most of May is behind-the-scenes work as I finalize the cover art, do final sweeps of the manuscript, format and submit my novel to Amazon, and create fun teasers and promotional goodies to share with you all starting in June! Definitely follow my social media accounts to be hooked up with excerpts, teasers, and more. I can’t believe Crooked Raven comes out in just over a month!! INSANE.

Stay tuned.
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P.S. Meet my dog, Aussie. I’m thinking about making him the head of my PR team 😜 Who can resist such a cute fluffy creature?