Wings of Ruin

Otherworld #3/#0.5
YA Portal Fantasy

Greeted by the dead of night and raised on the fringe of greatness…she was always destined for something more. But she was a heroine who walked in shadow and this is not a fairy tale.

At last the story of the infamous Crown, Cassandra Böcklin, is unveiled. Pawn of a prophecy and doomed to a fate of her own making, a girl who once dreamed of belonging grows twisted into a tormented soul with a talent for draining the life of her enemies to sate her ambition. Hungry and betrayed, witness her rise to power as she tears through worlds, builds herself a throne, and seizes the Island of Dreams for her own reign. The Crown shall rise and the dead will bow. There’s only one thing she overlooked…

The epic story that both precedes and concludes the Otherworld Trilogy.

~June 30, 2020~

Wings of Ruin bends time and space as a heroine bathes in blood and magic to build an empire of the dead.”
-Pooled Ink