The Haunted Phantom

The Faraway Chronicles #3
Science Fiction Fairytale Retelling

Inspired by the classic tale of The Phantom of the Opera and given an unexpected sci-fi twist.

Erik had a family once, so long ago he barely remembers their faces, and now he’s little more than a coveted captive. Except little do they realize he has everything in place to break free except for one thing: her. Estrella has been the only bright star in his life and his last link to keeping a hold on his dwindling humanity. Until he can secure her safety, he’ll content himself by vanishing into the shadows and haunting his jailors aboard the Palais Musique while ensuring Estrella rises to the heights he knows her capable of. But then a powerful patron boards the pleasure ship and when Estrella catches his attention, Erik’s history of bloodshed threatens to destroy the impossible. 

Where does love end and possession begin? Perhaps somewhere between the dawn of reality and the death of dreams.