Walking Shadows #2
NA Dystopian Fiction

Born in an experimental lab before two outlaws stole him away, Bones has been planted into the vengeful earth growing strong with a gun in each hand. Given freedom by a group called Sanctuary he’s trained his powers carefully until one day they let him leave. Until one day he witnesses something that will cause his loyalty to waver. Until one day it’s his own name they vow to write with blood.

As the life he thought he knew threatens to crumble beneath his feet he takes to the road determined to explore with no tether but his plans quickly go awry when old adversaries capture him to pay for the sins of his saviors. Whether there remains any place in this harsh land that might dare call itself Home, he fights each challenger with a gun aimed at their chest and a laugh in his step.

When the world wants you dead,
dare to smile.

~June 25, 2019~


“This was SUCH a great book with new characters that I fell in love with and so much action.”
-Binging on Books

“Such an incredible follow-up with tons of action and fabulous characters!”
-It Starts at Midnight

“While book one was a tale of fiery redemption, book two is a journey towards finding home…I loved following [Bones’] battle against a tumultuous past determined to find a slice of peace where he belongs, no strings attached.”
-Pooled Ink