Revenge de los Muertos

Revenge de los Muertos
(Revenge of the Dead)
Fifth Sun #1
Urban Fantasy

Selah’s biggest dilemma was trying to decide what to study in college. That was, until she stumbled across a clue to the grandparents she’d never met and hopped on a plane to Mexico where she would discover an entire hidden world of magic and monsters. Her best friend was a bruja, the Chupacabra was more than a myth, and she’d inadvertently caught the attention of the terrifying Blood King with golden eyes. What started as a two-week vacation quickly devolved into an adventure she might never return from. 

Día de los Muertos had almost arrived and the monsters were on the hunt.

~November 02, 2021~

“So this was a super-duper fun urban fantasy. I haven’t read an UF novel set in Mexico before, so the setting and the authenticity of the setting really did it for me…I highly recommend this novel to any fans of fantasy or urban fantasy, especially urban fantasy with a unique setting. “
Sarah Ashwood, author of the Stones of Fire series

“Urban fantasy is not something I read very often, but I’m glad I read Revenge De Los Muertos. It is an excellent introduction into the Fifth Sun series and I really enjoyed it….There is plenty of mystery and hints of a slow-burn romance to come, all elements I love in books. The events at the end had me rushing through the pages. It was dramatic and eye-opening for the reader and the characters alike. I can’t wait for book 2.”
Suzanne Rogerson, author of Silent Sea Chronicles

“Simply amazing book! Great storyline. Keeps you on the edge of your seat! Can’t wait to read the other books!”

“This is a truly gripping adventure story. The lore and legends add to its mystery. “
-Richard Calvert