Plura: Stories from the world of Walking Shadows
Walking Shadows #0.5, #1.6, #2.5, #3.5, #4.5, #5.5
Dystopian Fiction

A collection of all-new stories from the world of Walking Shadows…

Dawn to Dusk | Connors’ world has fallen apart. Once a wealthy lawyer on the rise, he’s now reduced to learning the art of the gun as he faces the wild road in search of his missing family.

“But a Dream” | An alternate ending to Alarum, the first book in the Walking Shadows series.

“Taming of the Tiger” | Mara has lost her eye, her family, and too much else. A feared warrior, some call her crazy behind her back, but she’s comfortable being alone. That is, until a red-haired stranger threatens to steal the one thing she has left: her heart.

“Freckles and the Devil” | Maddy has been forced into service as Agent Paladin and without her makeshift family, she has nothing else to fight for. Until a long-lost ally sets her free and the chance to love rises once again.

“Never Forgotten” | Maverick served a toppled regime and now he faces the challenges of leading a rising one. When he isn’t occupied with holding a people together, he wonders about his lost sister and certainly doesn’t expect her to be headed his way.

“Into the Sunset” | Where is everyone now? Enjoy a reunion of characters new and old set a few years after Initus, the last book in the Walking Shadows series.

~August 03, 2021~
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