Feathers and Ashes

Feathers and Ashes
Fifth Sun #0.5
Fantasy Romance

The war started long before either of them were born and yet that didn’t exempt them from its cost.

Jophiel was an angel, lost in the chaos, oblivious of the lineage that ran through her veins. Raised as a daughter by a group of traveling performers, she learned several lessons in life but none of them prepared her for the night a shadow slipped through her window and stole her from her bed. Her whole life preached peace, but she’d found she’s not quite ready to kneel down and die for someone’s wide-cast grudge.

Tash was a demon whom barely remembered his parents, and what he does he kept a secret he wouldn’t spill even at his grave. A professional assassin of the highest caliber, he’d made a name for himself though it was one only whispered in the deepest shadows. While he did everything he could to distance himself from the beckoning princedom his adopted family had offered him, his eldest sister had risen into a Queen and now she’d hired him for his services. It should have been a simple job, one of his easiest, and yet that assumption disintegrated the moment he met his captive and then he wouldn’t let her go for different reasons entirely.

“Feathers and Ashes” had always meant war ever since they could remember and yet against all expectations Jophiel and Tash found themselves being bound by something stronger than ropes or chain forcing them to run. Hunted by those they’d once called their own, the further they fled the clearer their path becomes until only one choice remained: Either kill the other to survive, or find a way out of their realm.

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