Dust to Dust

Walking Shadows #1.5
Post-Apocalyptic Western Romance/Dystopian Fiction

Fury and Riker’s paths first crossed as children, although they went by different names then, and now years later and against all odds they’ve found one another again. Dressed in the blood of their enemies, the dirt of their journeys, and the ruthless fire of an angry sun, they have no one but each other to turn to. But are they still the people they remember?

Fury has just buried kin and her blood heats at the thought of running wild and free, screaming at the devils who took from her until she can breathe no longer. There is no room in her hardened heart for love, not even when it comes riding up in the handsome form of a gunslinger straight out of her haunted past.

Riker is reunited with his childhood love whom he never confessed his feelings for and thought he’d lost for good. But now she’s standing by his side and he’s determined that nothing will ever tear them apart again. She might face the world with fire in her eyes and a shotgun aimed at its heart but he knows somewhere inside there’s still a burning ember of hope.

A duo of defiance they tear up the wild west with steel in their hands and chaos at their backs knowing they head full tilt into a fate of no return. The true question is whether they will face that day with love or madness pounding in their hearts.

~July 16, 2019~
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