Crooked Raven

Otherworld #1
YA Portal Fantasy

“Sometimes you must let go of who you were to embrace what you could become.”

“And if that damns me to Hell?” she asked.

He smiled. “Then we shall meet again.”

There is an island that protects the young not because they are lost, but because they were taken. The Island of Oneiroi is not a mere destination for children and dreamers – it’s a sanctuary for the murdered and vengeance has come.

Adrianna Verdandi holds the cooling corpse of her foster brother, Geoffrey Martinez, when a curious stranger turns up with an invitation of passage to an impossible realm. Little did she know that accepting a second chance would bind their fates to the very darkness they flee from.

Time is of the essence, the rebels are rising up, ancient forces stir in the northern woods, and through it all a strange sailor named Titus watches bemused, shrewd, and knowing far more than he is willing to divulge about this ruthless game for power.

The darkness isn’t coming. It’s already there, walking in your shadow.

~June 26, 2018~

“Wonderfully written fantasy with believable characters that really explores what it means to be a hero, as well as love for family. Adrianna is easy to cheer for, and the story is, while bearing a very classic feeling, unique and refreshing. I’m definitely on board for book two!” 
Cecily Wolfe, author of YA Romance

“Jones’ writing style itself is lovely. She has a very unique and engaging way of writing that completely drew me in and made me really appreciate the obvious care she puts into each word and sentence.” 
-Forever Lost in Literature

“All in all, a great read. A unique, fascinating fantasy novel that’s perfect for ALL fantasy lovers because this book has a bit of everything but didn’t ruin the main plot.” 
-Lili’s Blissful Pages

Crooked Raven launches a breathtaking tale of two siblings who will fight through Hell to save one another. Flowing with beautiful prose and a plot that both burns and delights, this is a must read for fantasy lovers.” 
Pooled Ink

“Peter Pan + Queen of Hearts = Crooked Raven. At least, that’s the vibe I got! It was a really cool, unique take…I am definitely still interested in continuing this series!” 
-Storied Adventures