Carrion Crow

Otherworld #2
YA Portal Fantasy

Eisen and the Crown consume themselves in a bloody battle of thrones succumbing to the siren call of a long foretold fate. With each move one makes the other must counter, tilting the ever-watchful balance of Oneiroi. The question remains: which shall rise victorious and which is the harbinger of darkness?

Risen from the ashes, the Whispers gather themselves to seize back Oneiroi and fulfill the prophecy they’ve guarded for ages past, determined to see it through. Set on destroying the Crown their powers stir the ancient forest that has shielded them until now. It is time to reclaim their realm.

Adrianna finds herself trapped within the Quidelish palace but nothing can keep her from fighting within. Using every ally and skill in her pocket she races to rescue her brother from a war he must not win. Forced into a position of emissary for all three warring parties she struggles to control the impending bloodshed.

The Island demands blood for blood,
but whose shall it be?

~March 26, 2019~

“This book was so good! If you loved Crooked Raven you’ll love this even more :)”
-Claire S.

Crooked Raven was but the beginning. Carrion Crow scales new heights beneath the staggering storm of prophecy that could cleave apart the Island’s future either resurrecting it or damning it forever. The line between hero and villain blurs in a dizzying dance as the Verdandi siblings face down a Crown not yet through haunting the dead. Winner takes all, but when the blood is washed away will there be anyone left standing to claim it?” 
Pooled Ink

“I loved this book almost more than the first one out of this series! There is so many plot twists that I didn’t see coming but that kept me on the edge of my seat, and wanting to find out more! If you are looking for another series, I highly recommend this one!”

Carrion crow is a fantastic book and a fantastic way to continue this adventurous story, the character development is strong and you fall even more in love with your favorite characters. You will learn that not every story or person isn’t as simple as they seem, you are reminded how messy life is and what made your beloved characters the people they are.” 
-Sarah P.