Battle del Epíritu

Battle del Espíritu
(Battle of the Spirit)
Fifth Sun #3
Urban Fantasy

The city stirred with the thrill of Carnaval as Rafael raced to find a way to reverse the split in Selah’s soul and protect his city before it’s too late. With Selah’s dark side unleashed, new enemies had arrived very interested in recruiting her or destroying her for good. Selah raging for her freedom and Rafael guarding her back, the Malinche scrambled to defend their loyalties fractured beneath the weight of betrayals and manipulations. Worse, a new arrival carried the power to tear their leader away. Torn between love and power, duty and heart, both Selah and Rafael would have to remain strong against the forces that yearned to control them before the looming deadline.

Ready for El Carnaval?

~March 02, 2022~